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~**Abiword** is the default word processor in many versions on Puppy. It is part of the [[GnomeOffice GNOME Office]] suite of programs. Not to be be confused with simpler [[TextEditors text editors]] like [[Geany Geany]].
~LibreOffice may be more suitable if you require an advanced office suite.

~""AbiWord"" is capable of many wordprocessing tasks. It can open most industry standard document types, such as OpenOffice, MS Word, ""WordPerfect"", Rich Text Format and HTML. It can save most formats, but can not save in MS Word binary .doc format.

~""AbiWord"" is included in most Puppies.
~//Puppy Menu > Document > Document/Publishing > ""AbiWord""//
~Clicking on Write on the Desktop (when set as default word processor)
~Where not included or to update use an appropriate package:
~[[ abiword-portable-3.0.0.tar.gz]] version for [[Precise]] and [[Slacko]], packaged by [[Shinobar]].

==Missing library==
~The library [[libaspell]] has been over looked in some Puppy versions. This can be corrected this installing:
~[[ package (thread)]], more info in the [[ discussion (thread)]].

~Abiword is okay for small documents but becomes [[ unreliable after documents get bigger than about fifteen pages]].
~It may also [[ problems exporting PDFs]]

==Also on the Wiki==
~**[[UsingAbiWord Using Abiword]]** - more information about the program.
~[[UsingAbiWordWithPuppy1 Using Abiword with Puppy 1]]
~[[LibreOffice]] - suite by the Document Foundation
~[[OpenOffice]] - suite by Apache
~[[Ooo4Kids]] - cut down suite for children
~[[OooLight]] - lightweight word-processor

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