this is meHello I am AdDoc, aka debernardis (on the forums). Myt username here is AdDoc because I work as an addictions doc, which is quite an interesting job. By the way, I live in Sicily, that's quite an interesting place (come and see by yourself :-) and drop me a line if you do).
I have remastered some recent Puppies in order to make Rudypuppy, a puplet which includes some applications I like and use, handy to get on a live cd. I use it now as a main OS both for work and home stuff, having almost stopped booting kubuntu at all.

Wiki Pages
Latest Rudypuppy
Experimental Bluetooth on Puppy!
Puppy Linux search engine

Personal Pages
some dotpups I packed or repacked

Other interesting distros: Kubuntu - Sabayon - Knoppix - CPX-mini
My home page - MedASq, my text-only interface to Pubmed/Medline

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