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How to add Commands at Startup and Shutdown

Execute After X GUI start up
A simple way to add an action is put an executable, scripts or symlink to in the directory-

This is handy if you want something to run automatically.

You can easily create a "symlink" (symbolic link) to an executable.
For example, say that you wanted to run /usr/local/bin/rubix (a game)
everytime Puppy is started. Use ROX-Filer (the file manager) and open
two windows, one on /usr/local/bin, the other on /root/Startup.
Then just drag 'rubix' across and a menu will popup and ask if you want
to copy, move or link, and you choose to link.

Execute Before X GUI start up
To execute something prior to the X desktop loading, edit-

Execute on Shutdown
To execute something on shutdown or reboot, edit-
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