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Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) is the most common sound system for Linux operating system and is used on most Puppy versions.

Verify currently installed driver version via the command-line interface:
cat /proc/asound/version

Configuration Setup
Configuration via 'Alsa Sound Wizard' and 'Multiple Soundcard Wizard':
PuppyMenu > Setup

Volume level adjustment via command line AlsaMixer or RetroVol (speaker on the task bar).

Trouble shooting
If you have no sound first check the volume isn't muted. Then go the the Alsa Sound Wizard and follow the steps there. If still no joy ensure the correct sound module for the hardware is loaded. Also, sometimes a conflicting module may need to be blacklisted.

'Classic' Puppy comes with a cut down version of ALSA, installing full ALSA may resolve sound issues, see link below. Also, PulseAudio mixer is usually not present.

Also on the Wiki
Retrovol - system tray volume and configuration
ALSAmixer - set volume and configuration
PulseAudio - additional audio mixer
Jack - sound server, useful for musicians

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