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~**Apups** are Puppy reversions which have some compatibility with Arch Linux and its repositories. Maybe be able to use the [[pacman]] command and access the community AUR repositories. [[Woof]] is capable of building Apups.
==Apups Versions==
~[[AlphaOS]] - high compatibility with Arch created by [[simargl]]
==Relate Webpages==
~[[ Arch Based Distributions (Arch Wiki)]]

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[[Homepage]] > [[PuppyVersionIndex Puppy Version]] > [[Apup]]
[[Homepage]] > [[PuppyVersionIndex Puppy Version]] > [[Dpup]]

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~Dpups are created with Debian package compatibility, usually using the [[Woof]] Puppy creation tool.
==Newer Version==
~[[ Dpup Exprimo 5.X. with 3.6.2 kernel]] by [[Pemasu]]
~[[ Dpup Exprimo 5.X.3.4.12 with 3.4.2 kernel]] by [[Pemasu]]
==Older Version==
~[[ Guy Dog 5.0.1]] latest cutting edge Dpup by [[Iguleder]]
~[[ Exprimo 5.X.10.2]] SMP multicore optimized version
~[[ Exprimo 5.X.9]] based on Guy Dog from [[Pemasu]]
~[[ NextPuppy 5.02]] lightweight version by [[Iguleder]]
~[[ Dpup Exprimo 5.X.15]] by [[pemasu]]
~[[ Exprimo 5.X.7]] based on NextPuppy, by [[pemasu]]
~[[dpup484 DPup 484]] version by [[gposil]]
~[[dpup485 DPup 485]] revised version of DPup 484 by [[dejan555]]
~[[DPup482]] Debian - Lenny repositories
~[[DPup477]] Debian - Sid repositories, retro version
~[[ DPup Squeezed Puppy 4.99.2]] version by [[BarryK]]
~[[InsidiousPuppy]] based on Squeeze, by [[Iguleder]]
~[[Squeeze]] based on DPup Squeezed Puppy, by [[Iguleder]]
==Pussy Linux==
~[[PussyLinux]] - Cut down version of Debian by [[sickgut]]. Designed to be lightweight, like Puppy. 100% 'apt get' compatibility with Debian.
==Related Webpages==
~[[ DpupExprimo repository]]

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