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~**""ArchPup""** is a distribution built using packages from Arch Linux, with custom compiled kernel for [[aufs]] support, udev and very minimal number of other packages with goal of preserving full support for [[pacman]] package manager. This operating system is using Puppy Linux [[init]] boot system, has options for dynamic loading of additional [[sfs]] modules, making [[savefile personal file]] that allows saving your settings, but in every other aspect is much different than standard Puppy - it doesn't have [[PPM|Puppy package manager]] installed, not using [[JWM]] (included is [[openbox]]) or [[rox]] file manager (instead you have [[spacefm]]). Project created by [[simargl]].

~Superceded by [[AlphaOS]].

==Version 13.2.2==
~- new audio player: musique
~- upgraded spacefm to 0.8.6
~- added archpup repository to pacman.conf
~- Up: firefox-esr (17.0.3)
~- qtpdfview is now at the latest version 0.4
~- fixed problem with starting cups daemon
~- upgrade: geany to git_nightly_20130216
~- QWinFF - upgrade to version: 0.1.8
~- Up: transmission (2.77)
~- fixed wallpaper setter for spaces in file names
~- Added linux-headers to IgnorePkg in pacman.conf
~- Removed Change wallpaper from menu.xml
~- Compiled new Qt package and got it 8.5MB smaller, iso size is now 141.6MB (reduced for almost 7MB)
~- Small modifications in gtk2 theme
~- Obshutdown is new logout dialog
~- lxrandr for setting screen resolutions
~- fixes needed for locale-gen script

~Download from Sourceforge, more information on the Archpup thread:
~[[ Archpup 13.2.2 on Sourceforge]]
~[[ Archpup 13.2.2 thread]]

==How to install==
~Also see [[ Harddrive/USB installation post]]

==Window Managers==
~The default [[Window Managers|Window Manager]] is OpenBox, however a [[XFCE]], [[LXDE]] and [[MATE]] are available. See the following thread-
~[[ XFCE/LXDE/MATE Desktops for ArchPup]] packaged by [[stifiling]]

==Archpup on Puppy Forum==
~[[ ArchPup Beginners' Guide]]
~[[ XFCE/LXDE/MATE Desktops for ArchPup]] packaged by [[stifiling]]

==Related Webpages==
~[[ Archpup on Sourceforge]]
~[[ Archpup forum]]

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