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ArchPup is a distribution built using packages from Arch Linux, with custom compiled kernel for aufs support, udev and very minimal number of other packages with goal of preserving full support for pacman package manager. This operating system is using Puppy Linux init boot system, has options for dynamic loading of additional sfs modules, making personal file that allows saving your settings, but in every other aspect is much different than standard Puppy - it doesn't have Puppy package manager installed, not using JWM (included is openbox) or rox file manager (instead you have spacefm). Project created by simargl.

Version 13.2.2


Download from Sourceforge, more information on the Archpup thread:
Archpup 13.2.2 on Sourceforge
Archpup 13.2.2 thread

How to install

Window Managers
The default Window Manager is OpenBox, however a XFCE, LXDE and MATE are available. See the following thread-
XFCE/LXDE/MATE Desktops for ArchPup packaged by stifiling

Archpup on Puppy Forum

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