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~**Arduino** is an open-source micro-controller platform using Atmel processors. It is a great way to learn about electronics and have a go. Also available and open is an integrated development environment (IDE), this allows you to program the Arduino via a standard computer. The language used it similar to [[WikiPedia:Wiring_(development_platform) Wiring]].

~See the notes on the Arduino page [[ How to Installation on Puppy Linux]]
~Package available at [[ Arduino IDE source code download]]

==Newer Java IDE (v1.x)==
~[[ How to get the Arduino IDE working]]

==Older IDE ==
~[[ Getting Arduino run properly on Puppy 5.28 and 5.3 and 5.31 thread]]
~[[ How to Install Arduino on Lupu-500 thread]]
~[[ Upgrade Arduino IDE from 21 to 22 (and beyond) thread]]

==Related Webpages==
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