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How to Backup, Restore and Clone an Ext Partition:

Hot Backup for Frugal Pups:
-Very nice GUI. Easy to use
-Auto-detects the current savefile.
-Generates the backup file name with the date and time appended.
-Checks the available space for the backup file.
-Will not perform the backup if anything is incorrect.
-Displays real-time status and progress feedback.
-Supports 2fs and 3fs save file types.
-date and time as part of the filename
-File system check on the backed up pupsave.
-Lots of built-ins and safety features make it very "oops" proof.

Backup script for frugal pups:
-Can run without starting X
-Auto-dectects all savefile & backups in /mnt/home
-Date as part of the filename(the author was lazy to inculde time, so make sure you dont overwrite when making 2 backups on the same day)
-Will search(for restore) and save only in /mnt/home unless you edit the script your self.

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