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====Bacon Recorder====
~**Bacon Recorder** is a simple application to record audio in [[WAV]] and [[MP3]] format, created by Don White. Bacon Recorder is designed for lower power systems, consuming only 10% of CPU on a Pentium 4 machine. Its functions include manual record, automatic countdown (start and stop recording at a preset time) and timer (recording immediately and stop recording at a specified time). It is also possible to close the window and record with the program in the background. Multiple simultaneous recording is also possible. Like many programs developed mainly for Puppy Linux, Bacon Recorder is very small, occupying less than 50k of space. Bacon Recorder is released under [[GPL]]. It usually comes pre-installed on Puppy Linux, but you can get on their website or use the [[PPM|Puppy Package Manager]]. The program was created by [[Don570]].

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==Also on the Wiki==
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