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====""Barebones and Cutdown Puppies""====
~Barebones and Cutdown Puppies reduce the already lean Puppy to an even smaller size. These pups can useful as building blocks for making you own customised Puppy.

~Babybuilder is a feature in [[Woof]] a Puppy creation tool. It creates especially lean Puppies.

==""BareBones by jrb""==
~In January 2013 [[jrb]] released a pack of barebone Puppy versions:

|=|Barebone Verison|=| Based on |=| Size|=|
||barebones431 jrb 1.0 || [[Puppy431]] ||65MB ||
||precise-5.4.3 barebones 0.2 || [[Precise543]] ||115MB ||
||racy-5.3 barebones || [[Racy53]] ||90MB ||
||racy-5.3 BABYbarebones || [[Racy53]] ||68MB ||
||wary-5.3 barebones || [[Wary53]] ||83MB ||
||wary-5.3-BABYbarebones || [[Wary53]] ||66MB ||
~They can be downloaded from the [[ BareBones Puppies & BABYies thread]].

==""BareBones 5.01""==
~Minimal version of [[Puppy5Index Puppy Lucid 5.01]]. Applications removed and libraries specific to those applications.

~To install a stock application, re-installing them from the repos should work fine.

~This ISO was tested in QEMU and as a frugal install. I found no problems other than Viewnior need to be installed from the puppy 4 repos for Nathan wallpaper to work.

~It is 91.8 MB, 36.3 MB smaller than standard Lucid 5.01.

~[[ Barebones Lucid 5.01 thread]]
~[[ Barebones 5.01 download]]

==""BareBones 2""==
~Barebones is an extremely lightweight Puppy derivative (See [[PuppyVersionIndex Puplets]]) with [[FVWM]] and should be able to run on a 200Mhz, 64Mb RAM (10 year old) machine.

~[[ puppy-barebones-2.01r2.iso]] [[ md5 checksum]]

==""BareBones 1""==
~A 39 MB version of Puppy 1.0.3 for slow connections that uses the dillo browser (no Firefox, Opera or Mozilla) and notably does not include Abiword (if required these programs are added with pupget). Also, the last release of BareBones 1.xx series is Puppy is version 1.0.4

~[[ barebones-1.0.4.iso 40MB]] [[ md5 checksum]]

~List of [[Barebones103Dir Directory Contents Bare Bones 1.0.3]]

Puplet for diskless PC (miniPC) by [[Raffy Raffy Mananghaya]]

**Minipup** (85Mb [[JWM]]) - ; includes Firefox 1.5+, Mplayer and desktop publishing tools like GIMP and Scribus.
**Minipup Office** (92Mb [[JWM]]) - includes [[Opera Opera 9.02]] and [[OpenOffice OpenOffice 1.1.4.]]

[[ Minipup page]]

~[[pUPnGO]] - 6MB tiny Puppy building block

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[MinimumSystemRequirements Minimum System Requirements]]
~[[QtPuppy]] - barebones Wary with the QT environment
~[[ThinSlacko]] - stripped down Slacko 99MB

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