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Breadcrumbs are the links at the top of a page helping you see where the page fits into the Wiki-verse.

They are intended to add an additional navigation system to the pages, not to substitute the usual browsing devices.

Here are a few guidelines for the using of breadcrumbs (source: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/breadcrumb-navigation-examined-best-practices-examples/ )

- Use Breadcrumbs at the Top of a Page
The most common and instinctual placement for breadcrumbs is within the top of a page. This allows users to find the breadcrumbs in an uncomplicated manner and make use of them accordingly.
- Use Breadcrumbs Consistently
If you do decide to use breadcrumbs make sure that you use them across your entire website. Giving users breadcrumbs on some pages and not others will only confuse and frustrate them. (One prime example of this is Amazon as they remove breadcrumbs from the individual product pages.)
- Breadcrumbs Should Degrade Gracefully
Breadcrumbs should always start with the home page and degrade to the currently page. In doing so your breadcrumbs need to go from the highest level to the lowest level one step at a time.
- Stylize Breadcrumbs Appropriately
You want your breadcrumbs to be seen however you do not want them to be the focal point. You also want to make it apparent that your breadcrumbs are not part of the main content to a page, only additional support to it. Find a happy medium where your breadcrumbs are noticeable however not overbearing.
- Categorize Pages Clearly
If you have pages that fall under two or more categories you may not want to use breadcrumbs on your website. Trying to place a page under two or more categories will likely only produce unclear breadcrumbs and puzzle the user. Make sure your website has an organized hierarchy and is displayed accordingly through your breadcrumbs.
- Clearly Separate Each Level
Make sure users are able to distinguish the difference between each breadcrumb level. The most common separator between levels is the ‘greater than’ character (>), and it is the symbol used in the Puppy Linux Wiki
- Single Out the Current Page
Use a different style on the last item of a breadcrumb list to establish that it is the currently page being viewed. You can accomplish this by making the item bold, changing its color, or emphasizing it.
- Do Not Make the Current Page a Link
There is no need to make the last item of a breadcrumb list a link because it is the current page being viewed. Creating a link here will only confuse users, especially when they click on it and are not taken to a new page.
- Do Not Use Breadcrumbs as a Page Heading
Using the last item of a breadcrumb list as the heading of a current page is ineffective. If you choose to use breadcrumbs do so with the addition of a page heading as well.
- Breadcrumbs Do Not Replace Primary Navigation
Breadcrumbs are only to be used as support to the primary navigation, never to replace the primary navigation altogether. You should always provide users with a primary navigation from which they can navigate a website before using breadcrumb navigation.
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