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~**Carolina** is a fork of the [[Saluki]] project. Saluki is a [[woof woof-build]] based on [[Racy Racy 5.2]] with [[Xfce]]. The suggested target hardware are computers less than 5 years old. It should run reasonably fast on older machines and netbooks, but Xfce does need a bit more ram and cpu than the standard ROX/Jwm puppy - probably at least 512MB of ram and 1GHz CPU for decent performance.
~Carolina Beta 0.01 was release October 5 2012. Beta 0.04 was released November 28 2012. Download from [[ Carolina thread]]

~Lightweight version of Carolina

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[Saluki]] - Carolina was forked from this derivative

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~[[ Greyhound-lina-007]] - updated remaster of Carolina created by [[buckaroo50]]

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