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AttackPup [AttackPup] avast [avast] Backup [Backup] chkrootkit [chkrootkit]
clamav [ClamAV] encryption [Data Encryption] enigmail [enigmail] fprot [fprot]
gnutls [GnuTLS] grsync [gRsync] iptables [iptables] JAP [JAP]
libgcrypt [libgcrypt] MultiUser [Multi user Puppy] nettle [Nettle] nmap [Nmap]
noscript [NoScript] nwipe [nwipe] OpenSSH [OpenSSH] openssl [openssl]
partimage [partimage] passwd [passwd] PenetrationTesting [Penetration Testing] polarssl [polarssl]
priv3 [Priv3] puppy-rsync [puppy-rsync] PuppyCrypt528 [PuppyCrypt528] PuppyCryptPrecise [Puppy Crypt Precise]
PupsaveBackup [PupSave Backup] rsync [rsync] SecureErase [How to electronically eradicate, expunge, extirpate, obliterate digital dat] security [Security]
SoftwareSecurity [Security Software Index] spot [Root, Spot and Fido user accounts] tor [How to install and use Tor for network privacy] truecrypt [TrueCrypt]
wipefreespace [wipefreespace] YourFreedom [Your Freedom]

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