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====Puppy Linux IRC Rules====
~**~Use of the [[ Freenode]]-hosted channel is subject to [[ Freenode's policies]] //and// [[ guidelines]].**

~Please also observe the few rules below (Yes, we need these, no one is exempt):
~~1) Be polite - no abusive or obscene language will be tolerated.
~~2) Respect the users in the chat. Operators (admins) are indicated with the color Green or an @ symbol next to their nick, private message them about issues with other users (note this is the only time you may break rule 4)
~~3) If you are unsure about anything related to IRC ask questions, we will assist you to the best of our abilities.
~~4) Sending //unsolicited// Private Messages is not allowed. (But it is fine if you ask politely to PM first and your offer is accepted.)
~~5) If you think you were treated unfairly or have other major issues, please send a [[ Private Message via the main forum]] or [[JeyRey another way to J_Rey]] or an e-mail to Anacari (AKA T260G/^Cricket^) at kenji @ (Note: We will at least need the Nick of the person whom you wish to log a complaint against.) The other operators that can help with daily issues are Dejan (AKA daysleeper555/dejan555 - email: dejan at b0x dot me and BigMike. If Freenode violations have occurred then all the Freenode staffers can help as well.
~~6) Personal bots are not allowed. Ask for an exception; if an exception is made then it must have a '_bot' tag appended to the Nick. Any bot without it will be kicked.
~~7) Cloning, i.e. more than one client logged in from the same address, is also discouraged especially if on the same computer.
~~8) To promote community & goodwill - Off-topic chatting is permitted if it doesn't directly affect support on #puppylinux IRC channel.
~~9) Multiple conversations & all languages are welcome. If there is more than one conversation going on at the same time please address the person to whom you are speaking, e.g. J_Rey: How many was there?

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