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~~""日本語 IRC チャットで投稿された日本語の文章を翻訳し、英語にした文章を改めて投稿して下さい""
~~""日本語 IRCの雑談からのあなたの自国語にコピーされたテキストのブロックを翻訳しなさい。""

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====Language Translations for IRC====
~Although English is the primary language used, please go ahead and speak directly in your native language, but if no one responds, you may need to use an online translation tool to help with English communication. Write in your native language, translate with the Babel Fish website, then copy English text to post in IRC #puppylinux chat room.
~~Use [[ Babel Fish]] or [[ Google Translate]] to translate a block of copied text from the IRC Chat to your native language.
~~en Espanol traduzca un bloque de texto copiado de la charla del IRC a su lengua materna.
~~In italiano traduca un blocco di testo copiato dalla chiacchierata del IRC alla vostra lingua madre.
~~In het Nederlands vertaal een blok van gekopi�ërde teksten van het Praatje IRC aan uw moedertaal.
~~En français traduisez un bloc de texte copié de la causerie d'IRC à votre langue maternelle.
~~Auf deutsch übersetzen Sie einen Block des kopierten Textes vom IRC-Schwätzchen zu Ihrer Muttersprache.
~~""Ελληνικά μεταφράστε έναν φραγμό του αντιγραμμένου κειμένου από τη συνομιλία IRC στη μητρική γλώσσα σας.""
~~""日本語 IRCの雑談からのあなたの自国語にコピーされたテキストのブロックを翻訳しなさい。""
~~""한국어 IRC 잡담에서 당신의 모국어로 베껴진 원본의 구획을 번역하십시오.""
~~Em português traduza um bloco de texto copiado do bate-papo do IRC a sua língua nativa.
~~""По-русски переведите блок скопированного текста от бормотушк IRC к вашему родному языку.""
====Puppy Linux IRC Rules====
~**Use of the [[ Freenode]]-hosted channel is subject to [[ Freenode's policies]] //and// [[ guidelines]].**
~Please also observe the few rules below (Yes, we need these, no one is exempt):
~~1) Be polite - no abusive or obscene language will be tolerated.
~~2) Respect the users in the chat. Operators (admins) are indicated with the color Green or an @ symbol next to their nick, private message them about issues with other users (note this is the only time you may break rule 4)
~~3) If you are unsure about anything related to IRC ask questions, we will assist you to the best of our abilities.
~~4) Sending //unsolicited// Private Messages is not allowed. (But it is fine if you ask politely to PM first and your offer is accepted.)
~~5) If you think you were treated unfairly or have other major issues, please send a [[ Private Message via the main forum]] to [[JeyRey J_Rey]] or an e-mail to Anacari (AKA T260G/^Cricket^) at kenji @ (Note: We will at least need the Nick of the person whom you wish to log a complaint against.) The other operator that can help with daily issues is Dejan (AKA daysleeper555/dejan555 - email: dejan at b0x dot me
~~6) Personal bots are not allowed. Ask for an exception; if an exception is made then it must have a '_bot' tag appended to the Nick. Any bot without it will be kicked.
~~7) Cloning, i.e. more than one client logged in from the same address, is also discouraged especially if on the same computer.
~~8) To promote community & goodwill - Off-topic chatting is permitted if it doesn't directly affect support on #puppylinux irc channel.
~~9) Multiple conversations & all languages are welcome. If there is more than one conversation going on at the same time please address the person to whom you are speaking, e.g. J_Rey: How many was there?

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