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~**""ChatZilla""** is a plugin for [[Firefox]] or [[SeaMonkey]] that enable [[IRC]] (Instant Relay Chat).

==Setup Puppy IRC==
~""ChatZilla"" is not included with the "1.8b1.5" Mozilla release included with recent versions. Although it could be installed later.

~Install it with an existing Firefox, Mozilla, or ""SeaMonkey"" install (if needed):
~ - Goto
~ - Select **Install Now**
~ - Restart browser

~Get it started:
~ 1) Run Chatzilla (via Window menu and under IRC Chat or icon in bottom left corner)
~ 1) Type **/attach**
~ 1) Type **/join #puppylinux**

~Or you can create a bookmark for the Puppy Linux channel by editing an existing bookmark that you don't want anymore:
~ 1) Bookmarks menu -> Manage Bookmarks
~ 1) Right-click the bookmark to be replaced
~ 1) Select 'Properties'
~ 1) Replace the old name with something like: Puppy Linux IRC Chatroom
~ 1) Replace the Location with irc://
~ 1) Click 'OK' to save changes and there you go!

==Also see==
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