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~**""CiWiki""** is a lightweight and easy-to-use personal [[wiki]]. It is a fork of [[DidiWiki]] with support for restoring previous pages, playing videos from Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Veoh, and changing text and highlight colors. Login and page permissions protect the wiki. Written by Redonnet.
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~[[DidiWiki]] - ""CiWiki"" forked from, included in many Puppy versions
~[[ CiWiki on Sourceforge ]]
~[[ CiWiki on freecode]]
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~**""DidiWiki""** is a small and simple Wiki implementation. It's intended for personal use for notes, Todo's, etc. It runs a [[browser]] via a local server. It was original written by Matthew Allum with updates from Peter Korsgaard and [[Amigo]].
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~""DidiWiki"" is standard in many puppies, go to menu option:
~//Puppy Menu > Personal > ""DidiWiki""//
~Otherwise see the [[ DidiWiki thread]] for details.
~""DidiWiki"" stores its data in text files located (by default) at ##/root/spot/.didiwiki##
~This is inside the [[savefile]] on [[frugal]] installations.
~To save the data elsewhere move the ##.didiwiki## folder to the desired location, then symlink that directory back to ##/root/spot/.didiwiki##. Note the directory may be hidden in some file-managers including [[RoxFiler]]
~[[CiWiki]] - Fork of ""DidiWiki""
==Help insert local images==
~[[ Inserting local images discussions]]
~[[ Using hiawatha for local images]]
~[[ DidiWiki code v0.8 thread by Amigo]]
~[[ DidiWiki patches to v0.5 by Peter Korsgaard]]
~[[ DidiWiki v0.5 code by Matthew Allum]]
~[[ DidiWiki on Swik]]
~[[ DidiWiki on Wikimatrix]]

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