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====Community and Organization Index====

==Puppy Community==
~Puppy Linux written by [[BarryK Barry Kauler]] starting 2003 has become a community for users and developers. Learn more about Puppy on the wiki and linked websites:
~**[[PuppySites]]** - many many more Puppy related sites
~[[LatestNews Latest News]]
~[[CategoryUsers Wiki Users]]
~[[ForumsPuppy Forums]]

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[Organizations GNU/Linux Organizations]] - people supporting the GNU/Linux and FOSS community
~[[WikiBarcodes Wiki Barcodes]] - images allows a smartphone link directly to this wiki
~[[WikiIndex|Wiki Index]]
~[[VideoClips Video Clips]]
~[[BowWow Bow Wow (Puppy talk)]]

==Related Webpages==
~[[ Official page]]
~[[ Puppy Linux new homepage]] - underdevelopment
~[[ Community page]]
~[[ Barry Kauler's page]] - [[BarryK|Puppy creator's]] homepage
~[[ Puppy bOx]] - resource for Puppy graphics and themes

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