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CUPS-PDF allows you to create to PDF document. Instead of choosing a printer CUPS-PDF is selected, the PDF created contains the document as it would have been printed.

Printing to pdf
PDF is a file format that almost everyone with a computer can read, and that looks virtually identical regardless of the software and OS that you read it in. Because of this, it is good for distributing files for other people to see. Most people won't edit PDFs directly, making it a pseudo read-only format. Also if don't have a printer, print to PDF is available. Then this can to used to print from a computer/OS that has a printer setup.

CUPS-PDF is build in
From Puppy 2.16 onwards, most Puppy versions have this software built in.

Older Puppy versions
The software can be installed in even very old Puppies (at least Grafpup 104, but read the thread for Puppy 1.x, as you need to edit the file slightly). This works like any printer - you choose to print to the PDF printer, and it asks you what to save the file as. If you have problems, (e.g. when you click cancel, the print job stays queued and the printer is stopped, so you have to go into CUPS and turn it back on) check that you have the latest version, as there were issues with early versions. There have been some great feature improvements as well. Note that when printing to pdf you should not check any boxes labelled "print to file". This is a feature provided by many programs that bypasses whatever printer is selected, and prints the file as a postscript file (similar to jcoder's PDF printers, but converting to ps rather than pdf).

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