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====Discussions and Propositions Concerning the Puppy wiki====
The pages are very different, as well as the bars helping the users or the left marge with links (that we did have in the old wiki). Probably it would be precious to avoid some terrible working in the future to define how the page have to be designed, RecommendedWikiPageDesign , as far as possible, what about the RecommendedWikiPageNameCreation ! 20130206 [[oui]]
I've made a tool that can automatically generate 'Language-bars' see [[ WikkaTools]]
How about using full language names? Beginner users usually don't know about language/country codes. As far as design is concerned, just to keep some organization I've been using the classic structure title-article-see_also-useful_links, as an example you can see the [[es_Puppy-es|Puppy-es]] page. Maybe I should use the format of existing English pages so that the wiki in Spanish doesn't look like a different site. Then there is the storage for pictures. It's difficult to find a service that doesn't expire in 30 days. [[vicmz]]
Full language names should be compatible. Language code optional. The long term plan is to build some automation into Wikka. Possibly implementing an equivalence system. That is the wiki will know the equivalent PageName for each language.
//...classic structure title-article-see_also-useful_links//
That's about the same structure I use, though I don't think any format has been agreed on. Regarding image storage - [[russoodle]] very kindly hosts them for me. If you send her a PM on the forum she might be able to help you. [[darkcity]]

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