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FFConverter is a frontend of [[ffmpeg]] which can convert audio/video files into various format. It was created by Shinobar.

Get FFconvert, should work on puppy 4.x/5.x and puplets. expanded size: 312kB

""FFConvert"" is included in many Puppy versions. Go to:
//[[PuppyMenu]] > Multimedia > ""FFConvert"" Mutlimedia Convertor//

To install or update download and install the following:-
[[]] (uploaded on 14 Jan 2012)
[[ Puppy-4.x, also consider to install ffmpeg-0.7.2 thread.]]

NLS: Translations for ffconvert-1.2 is not ready as for now.
Install [[ on 14 Jan 2012)]]
And see the documents at ##/usr/share/doc/nls/ffconvert##

Note that ffmpeg pet is now provided separately.
VORBIS: some ffmpeg accept 'libvorvis' instead of 'vorvis'. choose 'libvorvis' at the audio codec combobox in this case.

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