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**Firedog** a smart, fast and fully-branded web browser suite, built for Puppy Linux.

Browser, E-Mail, News, IRC Client, FTP Client, WYSIWYG Editor, Flash Player, help-viewer & more...

|=| **Compatible with** || [[PuppyArcade]] ||
|=| **Dependencies** || Dependencies here ||

**Screenshot** ([[ fullsize]])
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Software Package is [[SoftwareBuiltIn built in]] to some [[PuppyVersionIndex versions of Puppy]].

Alternatively, install an appropriate [[PETs software package]]:

Firedog 1.2 (14mb, md5: 2b9b4976f2f8d0684c120b0f2e367bbd)

[[ mirror1]]
[[ mirror1]]

Firedog 3.6

Alternatively, you could use [[Firefox]], [[Seamonkey]], [[Opera]], [[Dillo]] or [[Chrome]]

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