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Q: I downloaded the Puppy .ISO file, now what do I do? Q: How do I install Puppy to a USB flash drive?
A: First CreateLiveCDorDVD; run and use it to create the USB flash drive installation. Video tutorial

Q: How do I uninstall programs from a live CD or DVD?
A: In Puppy 4.3.0 go to: Menu > Setup > Remaster Puppy. In Puppy 4.2.1 use the "Remaster Slimmer" feature of Remaster Express. Go to: Menu > Setup > Remax

Q: Where can I get the latest version of Adobe Flash Player for Linux? Q: How do I install OpenOffice? Q: How do I upgrade SeaMonkey?
A: See SeaMonkey

Q: How do I install Opera?
A: Opera

Q: How do I install software? Q: Is my computer secure from a network attack? Q: How do I setup a wireless connection? Q: How do I get a partition to mount automatically at boot-up?
Q: How do I compile the kernel?
Q: How do I create desktop icons and modify its appearance?

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