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====Puppy Linux - Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)====

**How is Puppy installed?**
~[[Steps to Installation|]]

**How does Puppy work?**
~[[How Puppy Works|]]

**How is the Puppy project run/organised?**
~We are an [[Organisation Emergent Doacracy]], also see the [[ Project Statement]]

**Please help - I am a beginner**
[[PuppySchool Puppy Linux School]]
[[ Beginners Resources]]

**How do I setup a wireless connection?**
[[ text tutorial]] [[ video tutorial]]

**Is WINE available?**

**Where can one get the latest version of Adobe Flash Player for Linux?**
See FlashPlayer (direct), or GetFlash (via tool)

**How secure is Puppy?**

**Which office productivity suites are available?**

**Please tell me how to upgrade/install ""Opera/SeaMonkey/Firefox/Chrome""?**
[[Opera]], SeaMonkey, [[Firefox]] and [[Chrome]]

**Which is the method of upgrading/installing software?**
[[software Software Installation]]

**How does one compile programs in Puppy?**

**I want to adjust the software selection of a live DVD/USB**

**I need the latest video drivers!**

**Help me create desktop icons and modify Puppys appearance**

**How does an automatically at boot-up partition to mount work?**
[[ Read this forum thread]]

**Can I access a Windows NTFS partition?**
Update the [[NTFS3G NTFS-3G]] driver

**How can I boot Puppy over a LAN with NO Media?**
[[ 5-steps Netboot]]

**Whats with all the doggie talk?**
Communities attempt at humour, see [[BowWow]]

**How can I create a page on the Wiki?**
You must be [[GetAnAccount registered]] then see [[CreateNewPage How to create page]]

**How can I do so and so on the Wiki?**
See [[WikiIndex Wiki Index]]

**Where does one get more answers?**
[[ More Frequently Asked Questions]]
[[ Puppy Linux Discussion Forum]]
[[ Manual]]

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