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//[[ Gizmo]] is a VOIP - Free phone over Internet with more free facilities than Skype

==== {{color fg="yellow" bg="black" text="Tips"}} ====

To check your messages
Go to dialpad and click 611 with the mouse
One of the options will allow you to record an 'answering machine message'

==== {{color fg="yellow" bg="black" text="Other potential Internet VOIP software for Puppy"}} ====

- [[ IHU]]
- [[ Jabbin]]
- [[PuppySip]] Command Line SIP [[ forum thread]]
- [[ SJphone]] extract files with full path to /
- [[Skype Skype]]
- [[ Twinkle]]
- [[ Voice Chatter]]
- [[ Wengo]]
- [[ Zoiper]]

==== {{color fg="yellow" bg="black" text="Puppy Users and their Gizmo names"}} ====

Aitch = Aitch - frequent forum poster
Caneri = caneri - hosts and mirrors our files with a server
Charni Singh = charnisingh - created Gizmo and Skype pets and Sfs
Grant Wilson = smokey01
Jay = puppyluvr
Lobster = crusty_lobster
Pritish = pritish - prit 1 on forum - created Macpup, helping out caneri with server
Tom Buckley = tombh - runs website
Tronkel = tronkel - creating community edition
Will Davies = hairywill - helping out Tom with website
William = mcewanw - many programs and pets

==== {{color fg="yellow" bg="black" text="Puppy Users and their Sip phone numbers"}} ====

==== {{color fg="yellow" bg="black" text="William Mcewan Gizmo Mini"}} ====

**Gizmo-mini** has fewer optional music clips
(removed music files are also provided in an add-on tar package

[[ Download]]
aprox 7.5 to 8 MBytes

The gizmo-mini-xxx+orbit+gconf""++"" version (i.e. stdlibc""++""6 version)
**for Puppy 4 (Dingo)** and **Puppy version 2.17.1**, and **3.01** too

The gizmo-mini-xxx+orbit+gconf""++"" version (i.e. stdlibc""++""5 version) is **for Puppy 2.16CE**
aprox 7.5 MBytes

==== {{color fg="yellow" bg="black" text="Charni Sfs version"}} ====

Complete with all its dependencies for puppy 4
all in one sfs file it contains XMMS too for better sound support.
about 13 mbs all total.

[[ Download Charni Gizmo SFS]]

==== {{color fg="yellow" bg="black" text="William Mcewan streamlined Pet"}} ====

[[ Download from here]] The mini above is the recommended download
now includes the **GConf** and the **orbit2** dotpets - install those first - (download by clicking on them - click on the file to run)
then ****
//William tried charnisingh's gizmo-project dotpet
as [[ described here]] but
noticed that the binaries hadn't been stripped and that there was
some redundancy in the packaging. Removing that redundancy has resulted
in a considerably smaller gizmo-project dotpet with identical functionality//

==== {{color fg="yellow" bg="black" text="FAQS"}} ====

- Works well in windows as well as in puppy 4.
- Gizmo (pc) to Gizmo (pc) worldwide free
- Gizmo supprts SIP
- Free Conferencing
- Googletalk interface
- Yahoo and MSN
- Can work on modem

gizmo ending with libstdc""++""5 can be used in puppy 3 as puppy 3 has
gizmo ending with libstdc""++""6 can be used in puppy 4 in fact puppy 4 has both of libstdc""++""5 and libstdc""++""6
the names are original pkg names of the Gizmo-project but it does not mean it contains these libs.

The gizmo dotpet was built from scratch using the generic
Linux tar.gz download from the gizmo-project website
(i.e. gizmo-project-""++""6.tar.gz).

If you have previously installed Charni Singh's dotpet for the gizmo-project
you should remove that using petget before installing the streamlined version

This new dotpet (gizmo-proj-""++"" was created
on Puppy 4.00 (Dingo). It has been **successfully tested on clean installs
of both Dingo and Puppy 2.17.1**

==== {{color fg="yellow" bg="black" text="NOTES"}} ====

1. Gizmo crashes when used with Puppy version 4.00 (Dingo) if you try
selecting File->Preferences or if you click on the main panel "Preferences"
button (it doesn't crash in Puppy 2.17.1 as far as I know). The workaround is
not to try and select Preferences! You can always manually change any
preference values by editing the text xml files in the gizmo configuration
directory: /root/.gconf/apps/gizmo/settings
I suggest you first back up any that you wish to alter.
In practice, you probably don't need to change any of the preferences anyway.

2. You can find a libstdc""++""5 version of gizmo suitable for older
puppies such as Puppy version 2.16CE in the sub-directory:
You still need to first install the orbit and Gconf dotpets from the
directory this readme file is in. The libstdc""++""5 version of gizmo may work
in some pups even older than 2.16, but I haven't been able to test that.

A few config files are left behind even then, so you should remove them manually if you want to avoid the dreaded GDB missing startup error on reinstallation. The one to manually remove are (note the dots before the names):


//Proposed agenda for any conference meet://

The website "What is the site for?"
- to help people in the community keep track of what is happening
- to help orientate newbies
Puppy identity
Any other business
setting another meeting

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