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How To Avoid Loading SaveFile

When there is a single pup savefile Puppy will automatically find and load it. To avoid this there are at least two methods, see below. This applies to frugal installations.

Reasons to avoid loading Savefile

Method 1 - Make Puppy give you the choice of savefile
1. Make a dummy save-file.

For example,
if original save-file is called lupusave-name.2fs
make a file blank dummy file, calling the new one something like - lupusave-dummy.2fs

Ensure that the naming convention is retained, for Puppy Lucid 5.2x - lupusave-<name>.<2/3>fs

2. Reboot, Puppy it will give the opinion of which save-file to load, and also the opinion 0 - not to load any save-file.

Method 2 - Prevent Puppy loading any SaveFiles
Depending on your installation, if you have the Puppy boot screen
it allows different settings to be used:-

puppy pfix=ram

If you are using a bootloader such as Grub, you can add another option, and configure it to use this parameter.

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