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====How to a Change or Add a Keyboard Layout====
~A simple why to allow input of another language's special characters is to add a keyboard layout map (although the character may not be written on the keyboard, the key required can be memorized):
~~-Go to: //PuppyMenu > Setup > Mouse/Keyboard Wizard//
~~-click on 'Advanced Xorg configuration', 'Okay', 'layouts'
~~-select to 'add' if you want an additional keyboard layout
~~-select the language you require, click on 'Okay'
~~-click on 'Yes', 'exit'
~Now if you install [[fbxkb]], you can click on the flag to switch keyboard between languages

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[fbxkb]] - current keyboard language indicator
~[[SCIM]] - allows the input of many different languages

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