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====""HowTo"" Configure Puppy Index====

This page points to information about how-to configure different aspects of Puppy Linux.
~-[[MenuEntryMaker]] add and remove entries from Puppy menu.
~-[[PupControl]] - allows easy access to Puppy configuration
**Configuring Puppy OS**
~-[[HowToAvoidLoadingSaveFile How to avoid loading Save-File]]
~-[[Backup How to Backup Partitions and Files]]
~-[[SwapFile How to manually create a swap file]]
~-[[JWMMenuCategory Configure PuppyMenu]]
~-[[StartMount How to auto-mount harddrive and other media's partitions on boot up]]
~-[[Remastering Remaster Puppy]]
~-[[Woofy]] a simple remaster tool
~-[[AddCommandsStartupShutdown How to add Commands at start up and shutdown]]
~-[[AssociateFiles How to Associate files to apps/actions]]

==Also see==
~-[[InstallationIndex Installation]]
~-[[BootIndex Booting (Start up)]]
~-[[SoftwareDesktop Desktop Software index]]

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