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====Programming Index====

~[[ProgrammingLanguages Which Programming Language?]]
~[[PuppySchoolProgramming Puppy School - Programming]] - Introduction and Big List of languages
~[[PuppySchoolHackingHomework Puppy School - Hacking Homework]] - Comprehensive list of programming guide
~[[Programming Programming on Puppy Guide]]
~[[BashScriptTutorials Bash Script Tutorials]]
~[[DevFavorites Developers Tools]]
~[[QtonPuppy Qt on Puppy]]
~[[PythonLearn Learn Python]]

**Compiling tools**
~[[Devx]] - SFS containing standard Puppy compiling and development tools

**Code Editing Tools**

**Version control Tools**
~[[git]] - as used by [[github]]

**Programming Languages, Frameworks and Environments**
~[[ApplicationFramework Application Framework]] - structured development
~[[BaCon]] - Bash-based BASIC to C converter/ compiler.
~[[Bash Bash and Ash shells]]
~[[CPlusPlus C++]]
~[[Eclipse Eclipse RCP]]
~[[Fox FOX toolkit]]
~[[GenieProgramming Genie]]
~[[Glade]] - a GUI designer for GTK+ and GNOME
~[[GtkDialog GtkDialog]]
~[[PHP]] script language used for websites
~[[ToolCommandLanguage Tcl/Tk]]
~[[ValaGenieintro Vala Genie Intro]]
~[[GenieProgramming Vala and Genie Programming]]
~[[wxWidgets]] aka ""wxGtk""

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[CompilingIndex Compiling Index]]
~[[SoftwareDevelopment Development Software]]
~[[SoftwareDetails Software Development Details]]

==Related Webpages==
~[[ Codecademy]]
~[[ Programming on]]
~[[ Techarena - which programming language?]]
~[[ Shell Simple Intro thread]]
~[[ A walkthrough guide to building Puppy coding system]]
~[[ Programming Tutorials (second half of post)]]
~[[ Advanced Bash Scripting Guide v6.6]]
~[[ Gtkdialog Tutorial Manual]]

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