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====How to Set Default Printer====
The default printer can be set in [[CUPS]]-
~Go to //PuppyMenu > Setup > CUPS Printer Wizard//
~Click on Printers then the Printer required as default
~Select 'Adminstration' > 'Set as default server'
==== Printer and Scanner Index ====
Information about how-to use printers in Puppy Linux.
**Installation and configuring OS**
~-[[Printing Printing info and links]]
~-[[Scanning Scanning info and links]]
**Printing drivers and tools**
~-[[CUPS C.U.P.S. Common Unix Printing System]]
~-[[GutenPrint GutenPrint Drivers]]
~-[[Gtklp Gtklp (mtpaint compatible)]]
**Scanning drivers and tools**
~-[[PeasyScan]] lightweight program for scanning
~-[[Xsane]] program for scanning

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