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====Installing Scim and Related Packages====

~This article discusses installing [[Scim]] and related packages by using precompiled packages.
~Whichever method you use for installing scim, you will need suitable Unicode-capable fonts. See [[fonts font section]] for further details.
~Depending on your language choice, you may also need to set up an [[ alternative keyboard layout]].

~These were mostly compiled on Puppy 2.17 and have been tested in Puppy 3.01 and 4.00. The scim-bridge package contains the scripts needed to set up the configuration files so that the software will work automatically. Usually, it is sufficient to restart the X server; rebooting isn't needed.

~Please use packages from one site. Often version compiled differently, and this is likely to mean that they won't work together without editing files by hand.

~Step one, collect the required software package, the follwoing are required:
~~- SCIM - [[]] or [[]]
~~- SCIM bridge - [[]] or [[]]
~~- one or more of the tables, modules or IMEngine packages noted below, depending on which languages you will be using.
~~- Where an option has more than one file, e.g. hangul, you need all of them (unless something is marked optional).
~Step two, install the packages in the order given and restart the X server. Scim should be ready to use.

**Note for Puppy 4.2**
~Puppy 4.2 require to be installed. If you are going to be compiling programs (i.e. you have devx_420.sfs installed), you will also need the _DEV, _DOC and _NLS versions of this package. All these packages are available from the above two links.

==Notes about individual modules (IMEngines)==
Download required packages at [[ SCIM software packages (]].
- Scim-tables contains options for 19 languages. Its options show in the IMEngine global setup window with pink or red icons and English labels.
- Scim-m17n contains options for 41 languages. Its options have either blue-green coloured icons or the m17n logo, and English labels.
- The package m17n-contrib is **optional**. Install it only if you need any of the additional input methods.
- Scim-pinyin, as the name suggests, is for entering Chinese characters using pinyin. It has a red icon with a Chinese label (智能拼音).
- Scim-anthy, an option for Japanese input, has a gold crown logo and English label.
- If you are installing it in Puppy 4, you will also need to install
- Scim-canna has a logo that looks like light-blue capital letter "C" in old-fashioned type. It is another option for typing in Japanese.
- If you are installing it in Puppy 4, you will also need to install
- Scim-hangul is for Korean input.
- Scim-chewing is for inputting Traditional Chinese characters.
~All these packages can be installed at the same time if you wish.

==What to do after installation==
~See [[GetScimWorkingAfterInstall Get Scim to Work]], pressing Ctrl and Space brings up SCIM bar (when cursor is activate).

==Please Note==
~At the moment, GTK only can be counted on to work. Many QT3 programs will work (with the patched version of QT3) and most QT4 programs.

~Fortunately, most of the pre-installed Puppy applications will work with Scim-GTK.

~[[MakeScimWorkWithJavaAndTerminal Scim support for Java programs and some terminals]] is now available.

~**If you need further help** post a message [[ here]].

==Also on the Wiki==

==Related Webpages==
~[[ SCIM software packages (]]
~[[ SCIM on Archlinux wiki]]
~[[]] - Intelligent Chinese Phonetic Input Method

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