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====How to make a SFS file of a software package====
Copy or move all the directories and files that make up the software package into one single directory. Then issue the //mksquashfs// command:

# mksquashfs
SYNTAX:mksquashfs source1 source2 ... dest [options] [-e list of exclude dirs/files]

mksquashfs <path_to_directory> <path_to_directory>.sfs -noappend

Verify the installed version of //mksquashfs// with:
mksquashfs -version

==More Information==
[[ EditSFS Pup]]
[[ Advantages of Squash file compression]]

"SFS-TCZ_Linker may be a good idea if you absolutely must run liveCD only (no rebooting, no session saving.) But running a standard frugal with pupsave, the Linker will add symlinks to the pupsave layer only--and later remove them, even if similarly named files or links were later added via PPM, Gslapt or other means. This is likely to adversely affect reliability and stability. With a full install any files removed would be gone forever, making it even riskier. So at least for now, if you are saving your session at shutdown I still recommend a frugal install and ""BootManager"" for adding SFS files."

Adding too many layers to AUFS reduces performance and slows down saving.
01micko writes "I made a tool (see my signature) that makes it super easy for anyone to make a pet or sfs out of debs, if you want you can try it and maybe suggest where I can make improvements. debs2pkg or alien2puppy, the former is what it says and the latter supports Slack tgz and txz formats."

==Also See==
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