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====Puppy verziók====

|=|Name|=|Derivative of|=|Kernel|=|Size|=|Window Manager
||[[BrowserLinux Browser431-VLC-hu]] ||[[BrowserLinux]] ||- ||90.9 MB ||[[JWM]]
||+VLC, streamtuner, author [[kros54]]
||[[ download]] [[ forum]]
||[[BrowserLinux Browserlinux362-Lite-hu]] ||[[BrowserLinux browserlinux]] ||-||67.1 MB ||[[JWM]]
||author [[kros54]]
||[[ download]] [[ forum]]
||[[BrowserLinux BrowserlinuxCL11W-Hu]] ||[[BrowserLinux]]||- ||102 MB ||[[JWM]]
|| Chrome browser & Wine, author [[kros54]]
||[[ download]] [[ forum]]
||[[GoboPuppy GoboPuppy512]]|| - ||- ||>400MB|| -
|| Puppy foundation built into GoboLinux
||[[ download]] [[ forum]]
||[[NOP NOP431 update V0.3 Hu]] ||[[NOP NOP431]] ||- || 146 MB ||[[Xfce]]
||Gxine replaced Mplayer, author [[kros54]]
||[[ download]] [[ forum]]
||[[NOP NOP 4.3.1 foxwifi HU]] ||[[NOP NOP431]] ||- || 114 MB || [[Xfce]]
||Improved Wi-Fi, pwireless2, author [[kros54]]
||[[ download]] [[ forum]]
||[[NOP NOP413hu]] ||[[NOP NOP413]] ||- ||90.9 MB ||[[Xfce]]
||author [[kros54]]
||[[ download]] [[ forum]]
||[[MacPup MacPup520Hu]] ||[[MacPup MacPup520]] ||same as the original ||357 MB ||[[Enlightenment E17]]
||Original plus LibreOffice Hu , author [[kros54]]
||[[ download]] [[ forum]]
||[[Rexbang Rexbang-B2-4HUa (alfa version)]] || [[Rexbang Rexbang-B2-4 ]]|| || 207 MB ||[[openbox]]
||Features, Simple menu, Other conky, Chrome replaced Opera, author [[kros54]]
||[[ download]] [[ forum]]
||[[TurboPuppy TurboPuppyHuV0.2]] ||[[TurboPuppy turbopup42-alpha3a]] ||- || 138 MB || [[JWM]]
||much simpler menu, desktop fewer applications , author [[kros54]]
|| [[ download]] [[ forum]]
||[[TOPLinux TOPwine-Hu421]] ||[[TOPLinux TOPLinux421]] ||- ||114 MB || [[Xfce]]
||Original + wine, author [[kros54]]
||[[ download]] [[ forum]]
||[[SevenPuppy SevenPuppy 10.2]]||[[Puppy5Index LucidPuppy]] ||-||162 MB ||[[Xfce]]
|| author [[skami s-kami]]
||[[ download]] [[ forum]]
||[[Puppy5Index Lucid Puppy QuickSet 509 Magyar]] ||[[Puppy5Index Lucid Puppy QuickSet 509]] ||- ||117 MB ||
|| author [[skami s-kami]]
||[[ download]]
||[[Puppy5Index Lucid Puppy 5.1 Magyar]] ||[[Puppy5Index Lucid Puppy 5.1]] ||-||117 MB ||
|| author [[skami s-kami]]
||[[ download]] [[ forum]]
||[[BarcziPuppy Ba'rczi Puppy 02]] ||[[Puppy431]] ||- ||327 MB ||[[JWM]]
||Education programs, author [[skami s-kami]]
||[[ download]]
||[[XpPuppy Xp-Puppy 4.3.1 HUN-02]] ||[[Puppy431]] ||- ||226 MB ||[[IceWM]]
|| author [[skami s-kami]]
||[[ download]]
||[[SuliPuppy Suli-Puppy 0516uni]] ||[[Browserlinux]] ||- || 117 MB || [[JWM]]
||education programs, hungarian , author [[kros54]]
||[[ download]] [[ forum]]
||[[TurboPup Turbopuphujavav092]] ||[[Turbopup turbopup42-alpha3a]] ||- ||407 MB ||[[JWM]]
||education programs, hungarian , author [[kzprog]]
||[[ download]] [[ forum]]

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[[PuppyVersion Kölyök angol]]


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[[HomePage]] > [[Magyar]] > [[HuPuppy Puppy verziók]]
[[[HomePage]] > [[Magyar]] > [[HuPuppy Puppy verziók]]

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==Also see==

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[[[HomePage]] > [[Magyar]] > [[HuPuppy Puppy verziók]]
====Puppy verziók====
[[PuppyVersion Kölyök angol]]
[[Homepage]] > [[PuppyVersionIndex Puppy Version]]
====Puppy Versions List====
||ARM based devices are getting cheaper and faster. One device called the [[ Raspberry Pi]] has excited developers enough to start making a Puppy ARM derivative
||[[ thread]]
||Compile from scratch for maximum speed and performance. Create a new build system that supports multiple platforms, with a user friendly package manager, and a well stocked repository
||[[ thread]][[ blog]]
||Based on a [[Barebones]] Wary
||Based on a [[Racy]] or [[Wary]] to be decided. Focus will be user friendliness, innovation, artistic look and feel, and solid, functional applications.
||[[ thread]]
==Official=={{image url="" title="text"}}
|=|Name|=|Kernel|=|Size|=|Window Manager
||[[Puppy431 Puppy 4.31]]||, or||104.9MB || [[JWM]]
||Official release, works well on a wide range of computers||[[ announcement]] [[ pup-431.iso download]]
||[[Puppy526 Puppy 5.28]]|| ||129MB ||[[Openbox]], [[JWM]]
||Lastest Version of ""Puppy5.2x"" Lucid (Ubuntu based)
||[[ download]][[ forum]] [[ announcement]]
||[[Puppy53 Puppy 5.3]]|| ||132MB ||[[JWM]]
||Lastest Version of ""Puppy5-Slacko"" (Slackware based)
||[[ thread]]
||[[QuirkyIndex Quirky 1.3]]|| ||111MB ||-
||Barrys latest cutting edge Puppy
||[[ release]]
||[[QuirkyIndex Quirky 1.4]]|| ||123.7MB ||-
||Cutting edge Puppy using Xorg 7.3 and older kernel
||[[ release]]
||[[Racy Racy 5.1.101 (5.2beta1)]]||- ||94.5MB ||-
||Racy is small and fast for modern hardware.
||[[ release]]
||[[Wary Wary513]]||- ||120.7MB ||[[JWM]]
||Good support for older hardware, includes updated [[GtkDialog]] and [[BaCon]]
||[[ download]] [[ announcement]]
||[[]] ||- ||- ||-
==Language Versions==
~[[EsPuppy versiones en español (Spanish)]]
~[[HuPuppy Verziók magyar (Hungarian)]]
||[[AttackPup]] ||[[LightHousePuppy LightHouse Pup 4.43]] ||- ||- ||-
||Puppy with BackTrack features for [[PenetrationTesting penetration testing]]
||[[ Attackpup]]
||[[Barebones Barebones 2.02]] ||- || - || - || [[FVWM]]
||Puppy 1.0.3 for slow connections that uses the [[dillo]] browser (no Firefox, Opera or Mozilla) and notably does not include [[Abiword]]
||[[Barebones Barebones 5(Lucid) ]] ||- || - || 91.8MB || -
||Minimal version of [[Puppy5Index Puppy 5]]
||[[Breeezy]] || - ||- ||80MB ||JWM
||By RaffyM for the [[EeePc ASUS Eee PC]] (also available as live CD of 80 MB for other machines)
||[[ website]] [[ download]]
||[[BrowserLinux BrowserLinux 501]] ||[[Puppy51]] ||- ||93MB ||-
||BrowserLinux is a fast and small for surfing the web.
||[[ link]] [[ download]]
||[[ClusterPup]] ||- ||- ||- ||-
||Creating a Puppy supercomputer, simplifies setting of [[MpichCluster mpich cluster]]
||[[ link]]
||[[DPupExtrimo DPup Extrimo 5.X.7]] ||[[NextPuppy]] || ||139MB ||[[JWM]], [[Enlightenment]]
||A [[Dpup]] based on Next Puppy with different Window manager and applications
||[[ forum]], [[ download]]
||[[FatDog64 Fatdog64-520]] ||- ||- ||184MB ||-
||Fatdog is an all 64bit version of Linux built from source packages using T2 and using Puppy Linux scripts and structure.
||[[ link]]
||[[FatFree]] ||[[Puppy2 Puppy 2.17]] ||- ||51MB ||[[JWM]]
||2.17 cutdown to add your own pets
||[[ forum]]
||[[Fluppy Fluppy 013]] ||[[Puppeee]] || ||150MB || [[IceWM]], [[FLWM]], [[OpenBox]]
||This is Puppeee with Eee-specific functionality removed and a full size kernel and a full Xorg with DRI, Mesa, and Nouveau.
||[[ Puppeee]]
||[[GuyDog Guy Dog 5.0.0]] ||[[dpup]] || ||105 MB ||[[Openbox]] [[tint2]]
||minimalistic, small, elegant, speed, innovative and full-featured puplet.
||[[ forum]] [[ download]]
||[[InsidiousPuppy InsidiousPuppy001]]||- || ||- ||-
||Its key features are high Debian and Lucid Puppy compatibility, a good selection of applications (through Debian's repositories), an excellent multimedia stack and good hardware support.
||[[ link]]
||[[LegacyOS Legacy OS 2]] ||- ||- ||- ||IceWM
||Designed specifically for older PCs - saving hardware which would be landfilled.
||[[ forum]]
||[[LightHousePuppy LightHouse Puppy 5.03 G]] ||- ||- ||- ||[[iceWM]], [[JWM]], [[lxde]], [[openbox]]
||Lighthouse is a quick and easy to set up, full-featured operating system.
||[[ homepage]]
||[[LightHousePuppy LightHouse 64bit Puppy 5.11 A]] ||- ||- ||- ||-
||Lighthouse is a quick and easy to set up, full-featured operating system. 64bit Version
||[[ homepage]]
||[[MacPup Mac Pup 520]] ||[[Puppy52]] ||- ||174MB ||[[Enlightenment Enlightenment E17]]
||All the apps from Puppy 5 with the Enlightenment E17 window manager
||[[ homepage]]
||[[MacPup Mac Pup 525]] ||[[Puppy525]] ||- ||155 MB ||[[Enlightenment Enlightenment E17]]
||All the apps from Puppy 5 with the Enlightenment E17 window manager
||[[ homepage]]
||[[MijnPup52]] ||[[Puppy52]] ||- ||279MB ||-
||MijnPup is a fast remastered Puppy including [[LibreOffice]] and [[FireFox]].
||[[ link]]
||[[NextPuppy NextPuppy 5.0.1 Alpha 3]]||[[DPup]]|||| 73MB || [[WindowMaker]]
||Lighweight and compatible with both old and new hardware, low memory consumption.
|| [[ thread]] [[ next-5.0.1 download]]
||[[NOP NOP4.31]]||[[Puppy431]]|| - || - || -
|| Nearly Office Puppy, [[GNU]] office apps remove, ready for [[OpenOffice]] to be added
|| -
||[[Puppeee Puppeee 4.3X]] ||[[Puppy431 Puppy 4.3.1]]||- ||129MB || [[IceWM]], [[FLWM]], [[OpenBox]]
||Puppeee is an ultralight, user-friendly Linux distribution for the EeePC
||[[ Puppeee]]
||[[PuppeeeArcade Puppeee Arcade 10]] ||[[Puppeee Puppeee 4.3X]] ||- ||- ||-
||A Eee PC distro with the fast [[FireDog]] browser suite, easier save-file management, 3D acceleration enabled as standard, great gaming options.
||[[ link]]
||[[Puppy214X Puppy2.14X (top9)]] ||[[Puppy2]] ||- ||- ||[[JWM]]
||Vastly updated version of Puppy 2.14, good for old hardware
||[[ 214X-top9.iso download]], [[ forum]]
||[[Puppy525Retro]]||[[Puppy525]] || ||130MB ||[[JWM]]
||Rebuilding of 525 with the kernel and drivers from the reliable Puppy 4.31.
||[[ link]]
||[[PupRescue PupRescue 2.3]] ||[[Puppy528]] ||- ||292MB ||- ||Rescue tool for Windows systems that has died, got a virus, needs cleaning. Include tools to wipe hard drives, clone drives, find duplicate files and recover lost files.
||[[ forum]] [[ PupRescue-2.3 download]]
||[[PuppyArcade Puppy Arcade 10]] ||- ||- ||- ||- ||Features lots of emulators, a BIOS installer and frontend downloaders and a cabinet-friendly, multi-emulator rom-loader, supports fullscreen and joypad navigation.
||[[ link]]
||[[QuirkyNOP]] ||- ||- ||- ||-
||Nearly office Quirky. Choose if you want Open/Libre Office or GNU apps.
||[[RexBang Rexbang 2.4]] ||- ||- ||- ||-
|| inspired by CrunchBang & ArchBang. [[Thunar]] file manager & [[Pidgin]] instant messenger have been added.
||[[ forum]]
||[[SailPup SailPup 5.25]] ||[[Puppy525]] ||- ||384MB || [[JWM]] [[OpenBox]]
||Some network-tools and seachart-viewer are added. Further a grib-file-viewer and some other sailing-stuff.
||[[ forum]] [[ downloads (u:puppy p:linux)]]
||[[SlimPup SlimPup 3.1]] ||[[Puppy525]] || ||- || [[OpenBox]]
||Looks like Crunchbang, but more lightweight since it's Puppy. Eliminates cluttered menus by having a more concise menu.
||[[ homepage]] [[ download]]
||[[SpeakPup SpeakPup V0.05]] ||[[Puppy2 Puppy 2.17]] ||- ||90.3 MB || -
|| Customised for blind people featuring screen reader, speech server and soft brailler
||[[ blog]] [[ forum]]
||[[SPup100]] ||- ||- ||- ||-
||Slackware base compile
||[[ link]]
||[[SuliPuppy SuliPuppyEN]] ||[[Browserlinux]] ||-||124 MB || [[JWM]]
||Education programs, english , author [[kros54]]
||[[ download]] [[ forum]]
||[[ThinkLinux]] ||[[Quirky Quirky 1.2]]||- ||- ||[[JWM]]
|| -
||[[ Think Linux]]
||[[TXZPup TXZpup 4.5]] ||- || ||117MB ||-
||Compatible with Slackware binaries , built using standard linux tools, TXZ package management.
||[[ TXZpup]]
||[[Wary5x]] ||[[Puppy431]] || ||107MB ||[[JWM]]
||wary 5.1.1 retro with 217/431 base.
||[[ link]]
||[[WaryNOP]] ||- ||- ||- ||-
||Nearly office Wary
||[[WaryWatcher Wary Watcher 511]]||[[Wary Wary511]]||- ||191MB ||-
|| Video surveillance systems
||[[ forum]]
||[[XOPup XOPup 2.2.RC]] ||[[Puppy5Index Puppy 5.11]] ||2.6.35 or 2.6.31||115.6MB ||-
||Supports the One Laptop Per Child hardware.
||[[ announcement]]
||[[XpLike Xp-like _Puppy_ENG]] ||[[Puppy431]] ||- ||146 MB || [[IceWM]]
||[[ download]]
==Hungarian Derivatives==
|=|Name|=|Superseded by|=|Derivative of|=|Kernel|=|Size|=|Window Manager
||[[BrowserLinux BrowserLinux 401]]||[[BrowserLinux BrowserLinux 501]] ||[[Puppy51]] ||- ||90MB ||-
||BrowserLinux is a fast and small for surfing the web.
||[[ link]]
||[[Puppy526 Puppy 5.26]]||[[Puppy526 Puppy 5.28]] || - || - ||127.4MB ||[[Openbox]], [[JWM]]
||Official bugfix and update of 5.25 (Ubuntu based)
||[[ download]][[ forum]]
||[[Puppy525 Puppy 5.25]]||[[Puppy526 Puppy 5.28]] || - || ||132MB ||[[JWM]]
||Common version of ""Puppy5.2x"" Lucid (ubuntu based)
||[[ link]]
||[[Puppy52 Puppy 5.2]]||[[Puppy525]] ||- ||- ||- ||-
||Puppy 5 Lucid (ubuntu based)
||[[Puppy511 Puppy 5.1.1]]||[[Puppy52]] ||- ||- ||- ||-
||Common version of Puppy 5 Lucid (ubuntu based)
||[[Squeeze Puppy Squeeze ]]||[[InsidiousPuppy InsidiousPuppy001]] ||- ||- ||- ||-
||- ||
[[ link]]
||[[TeenPup]] ||[[LegacyOS Legacy OS 2]] ||- ||- ||- ||-
||[[Wary Wary512]]||[[Wary Wary513]] ||- ||- ||119.9MB ||[[JWM]]
||Good support for older hardware, release emphasis on incremental improvements.
|| [[ release]]
||[[Wary Wary09]] ||[[Wary Wary 5.0]] ||- || or ||111.6MB ||-
||Excellent support for older hardware
||[[ release]]
||[[]] ||- ||- ||- ||- ||-
|=|Name|=|Similar Puplet|=|Derivative of|=|Kernel|=|Size|=|Window Manager
||[[BuddaPup BuddaPup 215]]||[[MacPup]]|| -|| -||- || [[Enlightenment]]
||Puppy with [[Enlightenment]] window manager
||[[ forum]]
||[[DCL]] ||-|| [[Puppy3]] ||- ||173 MB|| [[Xfce]]
||2008 version is based on [[Puppy3 Puppy 3.01]] with the latest [[Xfce]], meant to merge Xfce and Puppy.
||[[ author]]
||[[Digipup Digipup 216]] ||- ||- ||-||- ||[[JWM]]?
||Puppy for Ham radio. Also known as EMCPup
||[[ forum]] [[ download (puppy linux)]]
||[[DPup477]] ||[[DPup]] ||- || ||- ||-
||Dpup based on Debian Lenny repositories, also using a large portion of Debian Sid. RETRO version.
||[[DPup482]]||[[DPup]] ||- || ||- ||-
||Dpup based on Debian Lenny repositories, also using a large portion of Debian Sid. MAIN version.
||[[]] ||
||[[DPup485]] ||[[DPup]] ||- ||- ||171 MB ||-||updated some libs and gtk to be more compatible with newer application versions ||[[ link]]
||[[DragonPuppy]] ||- ||- ||- ||108MB ||[[Xfce]]
||Used Fatfree Puppy to created a stylish, Xfce-based puplet with Firefox, The GIMP, multimedia
||[[ forum]]
||[[eBoxPup]] ||- ||- ||- ||- ||JWM?
||Alpha Puppy for the eBox 2300SX computer, comes with Opera.
||[[EcoPup]] ||- ||- ||- ||668Mb ||JWM?
||Beta with Firefox 2 and OpenOffice 2 zipped up (for use once installed) rather than preloaded. Useful as Win-look-alike for Internet Cafes.
||[[ forum]]
||[[EduPuppy EduPup]] ||- ||[[Puppy2 Puppy 2.11]] ||- ||166Mb? ||JWM?
||Includes kid's software such as TuxType2, TuxMath, GcompriS (also with italian sounds), SuperTux, and TuxPaint (with tuxpaint-ConfiG and TuxStamp). Good is for grade school.
||[[EmptyCrust]] ||- ||- ||- ||45Mb ||JWM
||Stripped down Puppy
||[[eXpandBarbie eXpand Barbie]] ||- ||- ||- ||245Mb ||JWM
||Puplet for women with Xfce, StumbleUpon and 60+ links to flash games online including Bubbles.
||[[ forum]] [[ eXpand215b download (puppy linux)]]
||[[eXpandDOFUS eXpand DOFUS]] ||[[PuppyArcade]] ||[[Puppy2 Puppy 2.14]] ||- ||- ||-
||Puplet based around playing the [[WikiPedia:MMORPG MMORPG]] [[WikiPedia:Dofus Dofus]] includes many other programs as well for a complete web environment. Made by lvds. Good for gaming.
||[[ forum]]
||[[FireHydrant]] ||- ||- ||- ||192Mb ||[[icewm]]
||Firefox, flash, java, plus thunderbird, sunbird and lightning. 19 themes, a few new games.
||[[ tracker]]
||[[Flightpup]] ||- ||[[FatFree]] ||- ||- ||[[JWM]]
||Fat Free with FlightGear open source flight simulator and wNOP
||[[ Forum]]
||[[GrafPup GrafPup201 alpha1]] ||- ||- ||- ||80MB or 397MB ||-
||Customized for graphic designers and other imaging professionals with current versions of Gimp, Cinepaint, Inkscape, and Scribus.
||[[ link]]
||[[HappyLinux]] ||- ||[[Puppy300]] ||- ||141MB ||[[xfce]], [[Jwm]]
||Puppy 3 with [[Xfce]] window manager
||[[ forum]] [[ download]]
||[[JustinBieberLinux]]||[[SlimPup]] ||[[SlimPup]] || ||135.8MB||-
||Justin-Bieber themed linux... It's a joke.
||[[ homepage]] [[ download]]
||[[Pupeee]] ||- ||- ||- ||- ||-
||For Asus EEE PC, not to be confused with Puppeee by Jermiah
||[[ Puppeee 4.2 downloads]]
||[[PuppyStudio PuppyStudio 3.3]] ||- ||[[Puppy5Index Puppy5]] ||- ||- ||-
||Puppy modified for recording sound and multimedia
||[[ Puppy Studio]]
||[[WatchDog Watchdog]]||[[WaryWatcher Wary Watcher 511]] ||- ||- ||- ||-
||video surveillance systems
|=|Name|=|Similar Puplet|=|Derivative of|=|Kernel|=|Size|=|Window Manager
||[[]] ||- ||- ||- ||- ||-
==Version Links==
If you are short on time just add a link to Puppy Version not listed. If you have time please update the appropriate table/s above. Any help shifting links to the tables appreciated.
~[[Cielo]] derivative of [[Wary]]
~[[ SevenPuppy]] Hungarian derivative of Puppy Linux
~[[ Frankenpup ]] derivative of [[Wary]], developed by samedog
~[[ Puppy for librarians]]
~[[ Twinkle]] for retired Time Travelers
~[[ pUPnGO]] Command line only
~[[ Older official versions]]
[[ Puppy Derivatives forum page]]
[[ Puppy Family Tree]]
[[ Quickset]] based on Lucid
[[ Web Server]]
[[ Lucid Flux]] Flux WM version
French Puppy Linux: [[ Toutou Linux]]
Vietnamese Puppy Linux: [[ Hacao Linux]]
Brazilian Portuguese Puppy Linux: [[ Succi Linux]], [[ BigpupBr]]
==More Versions==
This is the old table. Any help shifting Puppy Versions listed below the to tables above appreciated ([[screenshots]] now go on separate page).
{{include TagInfoUpdate}}
||[[]] ||- ||- ||- ||- ||-
""<tr><td><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0"/></a>""
Fire Hydrant
<font size=6></font>
<table cellpadding="2" cellspacing="10">
<tr><td><u>Name</u></td><td><u>Window Manager</u></td><td><u>Description</u></td><td><u>Size</u></td><td><u>Download</u></td></tr>
|=|Name|=|Similar Puplet|=|Derivative of|=|Kernel|=|Size|=|Window Manager

<tr><td><a href="">Gamepup</a></td><td>Xfce</td><td>alpha</td><td>125Mb</td><td><a href="">HTTP</a> <a href="">Metalink</a></td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">Hacao</a></td><td>IceWM</td><td>Hacao is Vietnamese. The project's purpose is a complete, yet lightweight operating system that can run on low-specification computers. The entire user interface of Hacao has been translated into Vietnamese.</td><td>282Mb</td><td><a href="">Torrent</a> <a href="">Metalink</a> <a href="">HTTP</a></td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">Icepup</a></td><td>JWM</td><td>Firefox puplet with wired and wireless support. Leafpad and VI Console Editor are the only applications present (formerly known as Foxpup and Litepup).</td><td><60Mb</td><td><a href="">HTTP</a> <a href="">MD5</a></td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">Hurt Me Plenty</a></td><td>JWM</td><td>with Quake demo</td><td>?Mb</td><td>HTTP MD5</td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">KDEPuppy</a></td><td>KDE</td><td>Based on Puppy 1.07 and in alpha developmental stage</td><td>125M</td><td><a href="">HTTP</a> <a href="">FTP</a> Torrent</td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">LighthousePup</a></td><td>IceWM JWM</td><td>Lighthouse215SeaM analog clock, graphic system monitors, MPlayer, GQView, StreamTuner, enhanced context menus desktop icons themes cursors terminal CL prompt, SFS Editor. Available Mariner SFS expansion pack with OpenOffice, FireFox, Opera, Java. Also K3b CD/DVD Burner, GIMP, Graphics SFS</td><td>182M</td><td><a href="">HTTP</a></td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">Mean Puppy</a></td><td>JWM?</td><td>Opera based (by John Murga)</td><td>50Mb</td><td><a href="">HTTP</a></td></tr>

<tr><td><a href="">MicroMuppy</a></td><td>Xvesa</td><td>Created by Mark Ulrich. Regular Muppy is very modular, that is why it is so large. MicroMuppy isn't.</td><td>12Mb</td><td><a href="">HTTP</a></td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">Minipup</a></td><td>JWM</td><td>Puplet for diskless PC (miniPC) by Raffy Mananghaya; includes Firefox 1.5+, Mplayer and desktop publishing tools like GIMP and Scribus.</td><td>85 Mb</td><td><a href="">HTTP</a></td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">MinipupOffice</a></td><td>JWM</td><td>Puplet for diskless PC (miniPC) by Raffy Mananghaya; includes Opera 9.02 and OpenOffice 1.1.4.</td><td>92 Mb</td><td><a href="">HTTP</a></td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0"/></a><a href="">Minisys</a></td><td>KDE</td><td>Codename Muppy 008. Created by Mark Ulrich. "Muppy" is very modular, that is why it is so large.</td><td>405Mb</td><td><a href="">HTTP</a></td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">Muppy 007</a></td><td>KDE</td><td>Created by Mark Ulrich. "Muppy" is very modular, that is why it is so large.</td><td>405Mb</td><td><a href="">HTTP</a></td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">Muppy 006</a></td><td>KDE</td><td>Created by Mark Ulrich. "Muppy" is very modular, that is why it is so large.</td><td>405Mb</td><td><a href="">HTTP</a></td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">myPup</a></td><td>JWM</td><td>Alpha Web 2.0 Puppy based on 2.16</td><td>88Mb</td><td><a href="">HTTP</a></td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">NaNoWriMo</a></td><td>JWM?</td><td>aimed at writers. Based on Puppy Linux 1.0.3. by Mathias De Mare</td><td>?Mb</td><td><a href="">HTTP</a></td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">NOP (NearlyOffice)</a></td><td>Xfce</td><td> Xfce desktop environment, XSane, Blender, Opera and more, by an aerospace engineer. Prepared for</td><td>90Mb</td><td> <a href="">HTTP</a> <a href="">Metalink</a> <a href="">BitTorrent</a></td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">Onebone*</a></td><td>None</td><td>With ELinks, YTree and Midnight Commander</td><td>28Mb</td><td>HTTP <a href="">FTP</a></td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">Optimised</a></td><td>Window Manager</td><td>by Kenny. Default browser is Firefox (an Opera installer exists) with plugins. Optimised has Grip, Audacity, Mplayer, Gnumeric, Abiword, gtKam and XFMedia</td><td>98Mb</td><td><a href="">HTTP</a></td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">pcPuppyOS</a></td><td>IceWM</td><td>Includes OxygenOffice, Citrix client, Limewire, Skype and WINE</td><td>~600Mb</td><td><a href="">HTTP</a></td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">Picopup</a></td><td>None</td><td>tiny</td><td>8Mb</td><td>HTTP</td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">Pizzapup 1</a></td><td>IceWM</td><td>It replaces SeaMonkey with Firefox, has XMMS, Mplayer, IceWM and lots of other visual enhancements, and optional encryption. Current version is 3.0.1, "based" on Puppy 2.14.</td><td>95Mb</td>
<tr><td><a href="">Pizzapup 2</a></td><td>IceWM</td><td>It replaces SeaMonkey with Firefox, has XMMS, Mplayer, IceWM and lots of other visual enhancements, and optional encryption. Current version is 3.0.1, "based" on Puppy 2.14.</td><td>95Mb</td><td>
<tr><td><a href="">Pizzapup 3</a></td><td>IceWM</td><td>It replaces SeaMonkey with Firefox, has XMMS, Mplayer, IceWM and lots of other visual enhancements, and optional encryption. Current version is 3.0.1, "based" on Puppy 2.14.</td><td>95Mb</td><td><a href="">FTP</a></td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Free Image Hosting at" /></a><a href="">Phoenix</a></td><td>IceWM</td><td>Alpha. also known as 3.03CE. Derived from 2.14R. Resulted from the Talking Stick Project.</td><td>??Mb</td><td>HTTP FTP</td></tr>
<tr><td><img src="" border="0" alt="Screenshot of pupeez" /><a href="">Pupeez</a></td><td>IceWM</td><td>"Simple, Elegant and Fast"<br/>
Pupeez is aimed to users who just want a internet / media / photo PC. There is one application per task. Pupeez is aimed at 'technophobes', parents and grand parents. Pupeez is desgined to run on a computer with minimum 128Mb RAM.</td><td>77Mb</td><td><a href="">HTTP</a></td></tr>

<tr><td><a href="">Puppy 214R</a></td><td>Window Manager</td><td>Puppy 2.14 remaster with earlier kernel</td><td>69Mb</td><td>HTTP</td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">Puppy 216CE</a></td><td>Window Manager</td><td>Puppy 2.16 remaster also known as evergreen</td><td>?Mb</td><td>HTTP</td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">Pup4Dos</a></td><td>JWM</td><td>For running Puppy in DOS</td><td>?Mb</td><td>HTTP</td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">PupWin98</a></td><td>JWM</td><td>Puppy version 1.0.7 with Mozilla, for running outside Windows, starting from MS-DOS launched by an icon on your Windows98 desktop</td><td>61Mb</td><td><a href="">HTTP</a></td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">PupWinQE</a></td><td>JWM</td><td>Nickname Winky, QEMU version 0.8.2 pieces to run Puppy in Windows XP, needs an ISO, coded for puppy-2.11-seamonkey.iso</td><td>779KB</td><td><a href="">HTTP</a></td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">Regression</a></td><td>Window Manager</td><td>Puppy 2.02 remaster with earlier kernel + Firefox +MPlayer +Sylpheed To make continued use of Mark's 3D-DRI graphics driver wizard and my wifi drivers</td><td>?Mb</td><td><a href="">HTTP</a></td></tr>

<tr><td><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Free Image Hosting at" /></a><a href="">Revpup</a></td><td>Xfce</td><td>Description </td><td>?Mb</td><td><a href="">HTTP</a></td></tr>

<tr><td><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Free Image Hosting at" /></a><a href="">Rudy</a></td><td>JWM</td><td>(not-so-minimalist puplet) has, Firefox, R with docs, rplot, stats4u (win), easychem, gimp, xsane, xnview, acrobat reader, pdftk with gui, freemind, tiddlywiki, skype, xtensoftphone, streamtuner, xmms, k3b, k9copy, xgammon, xaos, a bunch of rescue utilities, qemu plus kqemu and gui, wine, dosbox, cups, jwm plus icewm.</td><td>550Mb</td><td><a href="">HTTP</a></td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">SafePup</a></td><td>JWM</td><td>Light puplet based on Puppy 2.13 and barelypup by Raffy Mananghaya for safe web browsing in WinXP PCs; also suitable for PCs with no hard disk.</td><td>< 60 Mb<br />(+zdrv=16MB)</td><td><a href="">HTTP</a></td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">Simplepup</a></td><td>Xfce</td><td>stripped down (based on Empty Crust 1.0.7), XFCE window manager, Firefox (with flash and gxine plugins), Thunderbird 1.5, Abiword 2.4.1, Perl 5.8 (use ndiswrapper right away for wireless cards), Graveman 0.3.8 (and upgraded burniso2cd), Gxine 0.4.6 (with added codecs), Mtpaint 2.10, GQview 2.0.1 </td><td>?Mb</td><td><a href="">HTTP</a> <a href="">FTP</a></td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">Transitions</a></td><td>JWM</td><td>built on Fat Free 301, + IceWM, LookXP, TrueVista themes, FireFox+Flash+Java, Dillo is default HTML. OpenOffice 2.2. GIMP. Xara Xtreme. MTPaint 3.1. Gaim 1.5. MPlayer, XMMS</td><td>269Mb</td><td>HTTP FTP Torrent</td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">Tmxxine Prism</a></td><td>IceWM</td><td>Open Source Time Travel official distro, contains top programs, from Open Office to Komposer, Firefox, EzPup enhancements, Gimp, Xara - 144MB version also available</td><td>333Mb</td><td><a href="">HTTP</a></td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">Tmxxine Vision</a></td><td>IceWM</td><td>Open Source Time Travel official distro, contains top programs, from Open Office to Komposer, Firefox, EzPup enhancements, Gimp, Xara - 144MB version also available</td><td>333Mb</td><td><a href="">HTTP</a></td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">Wolf Pup</a></td><td>JWM</td><td>Wolf Pup is a barebone distribution that has been setup with only the bare essentials needed for the CD to work. Users will find the convenience out for themselves when they start adding and removing the packages they like to use as they grow accustomed to the Package manager.</td><td>68Mb</td><td><a href="">HTTP</a></td></tr>

<tr><td>wNOP</td><td>Xfce</td><td>Wobbly NOP with Xfce and Compiz Fusion</td><td>?Mb</td><td><a href="">HTTP</a></td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">XPuppyPro</a></td><td>JWM?</td><td>looks like Windows XP</td><td>77Mb</td><td><a href="">HTTP</a></td></tr>
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eXpand Barbie
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dragon puppy
Puppeee ([[ fullsize]])
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TeenPup ([[ fullsize]])
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TeenPup 2 ([[ fullsize]])
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[[GrafPup]] ([[ fullsize]])
for more see [[Screenshots]]
==Find out about version information==
Information about the version of Puppy is stored at ##/etc/DISTRO_SPECS##
You can see this file by going to a [[TerminalEmulator terminal emulator]] and typing in the following code (ensure letter cases are copied exactly)-
%%cat /etc/DISTRO_SPECS%%
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