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==== Input Device Index ====
~Puppy Linux has the following input components:
~~-[[KeyboardLayouts Alternative Keyboard Layouts]]
~~-[[Keymaps Set Brazilian Keymap]]
~~-[[ScimLanguagesAvailable Language Options available with Scim]]
~~-[[DvorakLayout Switch between Dvorak and Regular layout]]
~~-[[HowToChangeAddKeyboardLayout How to Change/Add Keyboard Layout]]

==Keyboard Utilities==
~[[xvkbd]] - Virtual on screen keyboard
~[[fbxkb]] - current keyboard layout language indicator

==Num Lock==
~Num Lock can to configured to be on/off on startup see [[PersonalizeSettings]]. There is also the [[numlockx]] command to control the key.

==Joysticks and Gamepads webpages==
~[[ How to use joysticks and gamepads thread]]
~[[ How to use a gamepad to play games online]]
~[[ How to use PS3 sixaxis gamepad in Puppy thread]]
~[[ sixpair for sixaxis]]
~[[ QtSixA frontend for sixad for sixaxis]]
~[[ use xboxdrv to get my ps3 controller to work]]

==Keyboard and Mouse webpages==
~[[ Toggle between 2 keyboard layouts]]
~[[ How to add Icelandic keymap]]
~[[ On-screen keyboard with mouse functions]]

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[xev]] - command to monitor inputs and events

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