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How to make a frugal Puppy installation

A frugal Puppy installation is performed by extracting the contents of the container file (either ISO or ZIP) to normally one, i.e. the same, directory on any desired FAT32, NTFS or EXT4 formatted partition. Let that desired partition be known as the target partition since one is aiming to install to it. That partition may be located on:
If the target partition or drive contains any personally important files copy them elsewhere if required, because they will be destroyed when formatting.

The target device is the device which contains the partition that one aims to install to, such as an external flash memory drive or an internal hard disk drive. Such a device must have a partition with a minimum storage capacity of 256MB.

Usually one has to have already an existing Puppy installation and so the following three steps assume that one is running Puppy Linux. If one is running Microsoft Windows go to Appendix 1 below.

Step 1 - Preparing the target device

Step 2 - Installing Puppy to the target device

Step 3 - Installing a boot-loader to the target device

A. Using SYSLINUX for EXT4 file-systems
B. Using SYSLINUX for FAT32 file-systems
C. Using GRUBforDOS for all common file-systems

References (see next reference also)

Appendix 1 - Installation to any external device, from within Microsoft Windows

Appendix 2 - Installation to any Microsoft Windows partition and using GRUBforDOS as boot-loader

Installing the boot-loader to the internal hard disk drive (where Microsoft Windows resides)
Installing the boot-loader to an external drive

Appendix 3 - How to Run Puppy Linux from a Flash Memory Drive on Any Computer Already Running

Appendix 4

Some old Puppy versions may not boot from U.F.D. if the internal H.D.D. is missing:
Posted on 23 Apr 2011, 22:54 by perthie
USB Install Issue?
I notice that you still haven't commented on this issue. A machine missing an internal hard drive can no longer be booted from a flash drive. The new search procedure fails to find the sfs file on the flash drive.
Posted on 24 Apr 2011, 8:20 by BarryK
Re no boot usb
I have written it down in my to-do list.

Appendix 5 - How to boot from flash memory drive without B.I.O.S. support

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