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====Installation Index====
~This page points to information all about how to install Puppy.
~[[Steps to Installation|]]
~[[LiveDVD Creating a live CD/DVD]]
~[[BurningLinuxIsoBasics How To Burning Linux ISO Images]]
~[[Frugal|What is a Frugal Install?]]
~[[InstallationFrugal Frugal installation to harddrive or USB]] - standard way to install Puppy
~[[InstallationFullHDD Full installation to harddrive]] - traditional install across a Linux partition
~[[Puppy52LuciInstallFrugalHDD Frugal Installation harddrive 5.2x Lucid]] - standard way to install Puppy 5.2x Lucid
~[[FrugalOrFullInstallation Differences between frugal and full installation]]
~[[USBBootwithoutBIOSSupport USB Boot without BIOS support]]
~[[PXELINUX|PXELINUX Puppy from a network server drive]]
~[[Installation on Apple Macintosh|]]
~[[Grub2tut How to Set up Grub2 for puppy]]
~[[PuppyUniversalInstaller]] - Easy way to install to harddrive or USB
~[[GParted]] - Graphical tool for formatting and configuring partitions
~[[UnetBootin UnetBootin]] - for making a bootable USB in Windows or Mac OS
~[[BootFlash BootFlash]] - making a bootable USB in Puppy Linux
~[[LinNWinNewB|Lin'N'Win New B]] - install a [[bootloader]] to Windows box
~[[EditInitrd]] - GUI to edit initrd.gz

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[BootIndex Booting (Start up) options]]
~[[HowToConfigure Configure Puppy]]
~[[MinimumSystemRequirements Minimum System Requirements]]
~[[Frugal|What is a Frugal Install?]]

==Puppy from and with Windows==
~[[WindowsInstaller|Windows Installer for Puppy]]
~[[ How to Dual Boot Vista and Puppy]]
~[[ How to boot multiple versions of Windows XP and Puppy Linux]]
~[[ Install grub4dos from Windows]]

==Related Webpages==
~[[ How to do a One-Click Installation of Puppy thread]]
~[[ Problems making USB drive bootable thread]]
~[[ Install Puppy to sd card]]
~[[ How to Build a Locked-Down Installation of Puppy]]
~[[ 'Quirky' installed on old PC]]

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