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====Internet Tools====

==On this page are links about Internet tools for Puppy==

[[BitTorrent BitTorrent]] Torrent client
[[BlackOps BlackOps]] protect from cybercriminals when banking online.
*[[ChatRoom ChatRoom]] join our chatroom *
[[dhcpcd dhcp ]] dhcp client
[[FlockBrowser FlockBrowser ]] trendy browser
[[Gizmo Gizmo ]] VOIP - Free phone over Internet with more free facilities than Skype
[[Hiawatha Hiawatha]] web server
[[HiawathaServerMySQL Hiawatha and mysql]] web server.
[[Opera Opera]] Famous browser
[[PuppySIP PuppySIP]] a very simple Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) application
[[PuppyBrowser PuppyBrowser ]] light browser for puppy
[[PuppyLinuxIRC IRC]] Instant communication over the Internet
[[Pwsget Pwsget]]Pwsget is a graphical user interface for wget
[[SeaMonkey SeaMonkey]] puppy offical browser
[[SkypeInstall Skype]] Skype VOIP client
[[Tor Tor]] private network

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