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Java Runtime Environment makes possible running programs written in Java

J.R.E. software package(s) (installs to /mnt/home/java)

Configuring J.R.E.

Go to: Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Enable Java

Go to: Tools > Options > Java > Add

Go to: Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Content > Enable Java
Click Java options. Click Choose to select the Java path mnt/home/java/lib/i386. Click Validate Java Path.


- Either via automatic installation using the above .pet software package
- Or, via manual installation:
1. Download J.R.E. from Select the “Linux (self-extracting file)” not the one with RPM in the name.
2. When the file is downloaded open a Rox-filer window and go to the place where you downloaded Java. First, Right-click on the file and select Permissions and Yes to make the file executable. Second, Right-click > Window > Terminal Here.
3. In the terminal enter
Do not forget the "./" to begin (that is period – forward slash, to indicate that the file is found in the current directory). You will need to scroll down with the Enter key to accept the license agreement and then the install program will create a folder named something like jre1.6.0_XX.

Old Software Packages

Sun Java runtime Sun 1.5.0_08 by MU (dotpups no longer supported in later Puppys)
(25 MB download, extracted it is 85 MB !)
You can choose to what drive this Dotpup will be installed.
Use only Linux-drives, or confirm the default "/usr/local".
After installation, you default-Webbrowser is started with this page:

Sun Java 1.5.0_06 DotPup by GuestToo (dotpups no longer supported in later Puppys)
It will download a 17 MB installer program from Sun, the installer will decompress to 84 MB of Java files on your hard drive.
This program does not setup the browser plugin for Opera.
Home Page

Blackdown Java 1.4.2_03 DotPup (20MB) by flavour (dotpups no longer supported in later Puppys)
Work the way as the dotpup above, except that it's much smaller (56MB decompressed). Don't be scared by the name of the dotpup, it's working :-) If you don't need sound, you can get this even smaller version: 11MB download by flavour and kirk. Read More
Home Page

To test your newly installed JRE try these:
Test your Java plugin
Test your Java plugin 2

For a Java development environment you can install the JamJikesCairo PupGet from the Start menu. Read More.

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