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Java Runtime Environment makes available extra functionality for certain programs, e.g. OpenOffice

Javascript has nothing to do with Java Runtime Environment

Most users will not need Java Runtime Environment.

J.R.E. software package(s)

Absolutely no warranty given or implied; use entirely at your own risk

Not for FAT32 partitions.
For those on dial-up it is recommended to use the wget command, by entering into a terminal either of these two commands (file is downloaded to /mnt/home):
wget -t0 --retry-connrefused -c -N -S -T 16 --wait=2 --random-wait --no-dns-cache --prefer-family=IPv6 --directory-prefix=/mnt/home --no-cache --no-cookies



The file is automatically unpacked and its contents are placed inside a newly created directory named jre1.6.0_XX. From this point advanced users will know what to do with it.

Configuring Applications After J.R.E. Installation

Go to: Tools > Options > Java
Go to: Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Enable Java
Go to: Tools > Options > Content > Enable Java

Confirmation of J.R.E. Installation

Test 1 Test 2

Verify Java Version

J.R.E. Multiple Vulnerabilities


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