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====Java Runtime Environment====
~**Java Runtime Environment** runs programs written in [[Java]]. Not to be confused with [[JavaScript]].

~Install the appropriate package, newer versions should be more secure:
~~//**Where to find Java packages, .pet or .sfs**//
~~[[ Shinobar's repository]], [[ thread at the Puppy Forum]]
~~[[ jre1.8.0_11_5.7.0.sfs]], [[ more info]]
~~[[ jre1.7.0_65_5.7.0.sfs]], [[ more info]]
~~[[ ASRI Éducation repository]], [[ thread at the ASRI Éducation Forum (in French language)]]
~Alternatively, use script to make package:
~~[[ buildscript]] make executable, run in terminal, sfs will go into /tmp, [[ more info]]
~~[[ jre1.7.0_17 script post]] written by [[jpeps]]
~Packages may also be available in the official repository for your Puppy either through the Puppy Package Manager or the SlickPet/QuickPet app.

==Version Check and Enabling==
~Verify the installed version via the command-line interface: %%(bash)java -version%%
~Alternatively visit one of the following pages:
~~[[ testjava (]]
~~[[ version (]] - finds even if disabled in browser
~A [[symlink]] may need adding to the plugin directory, for example for seamonkey:
~%%(bash)ln -s /usr/java/plugin/i386/ns7/ ~/.mozilla/plugins/
~Web browser configuration confirmation (JavaScript needs to be enabled within the Web browser):
~~~Enable Java: //Tools > Options > ""LibreOffice"" > Java//
~~~Enable Java: //Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Enable Java//
~~~Enable Java: //Tools > Options > Content > Enable Java//
~~~Enable Java: //Tools > Quick Preferences > Enable Plug-ins//
~~~Enable ""JavaScript"": //Tools > Quick Preferences > Enable ""JavaScript""//
~Applications may need to be configured and re-started after installation.

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[Java]] - page about the programming language
~[[jar]] - package of multiple Java source files
~[[File Types|]]

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~[[ Java Runtime Environment (SFS) thread]] packaged by [[Shinobar]]
~[[ JAVA apps for PUPPY run in JRE/JDK/OpenJRE/OpenJDK
~[[ How to run Java webstart .jnlp files thread]]
setting up a java programming environment in slacko54 alt thread]]
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