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 (image: Java Runtime Environment runtime portion of the Java programming language

N.B. Javascript has nothing to do with Java Runtime Environment
frugal Puppy installations this Java installation is only retained when a personal storage save file has already been created; a save file is created during the procedure of re-booting/shutting down for the very first time following a new frugal Puppy installation.

Menu > Utility > Java Control Panel

Configuring Applications After J.R.E. Installation
Go to:
Tools > Options > Java
Go to:
Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Enable Java
Go to:
Tools > Options > Content > Enable Java

Test 1

Test 2
Test 3

Manual installation: download J.R.E. from; select the file without
rpm in its name. After it has downloaded right-click on the file and select Permissions and then Yes, so as to make the file executable. Right-click on the white space inside the window that contains the file and select Window > Terminal Here, and enter (XX=version number)

The file is automatically unpacked and its contents are placed inside a newly created directory named
jre1.6.0_XX. From this point advanced users will know what to do with it.

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