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My name is Josh Reynolds, my normal nickname is J_Rey, but my Wiki name is JeyRey. I'm a young guy living in Northwest Florida, U.S.A. (Central Time Zone). If you need to, you can contact me with a Private Message (PM) through a forum or in our ChatRoom or using jjr6742 with both Yahoo Messenger and AIM or Send me an IM!or use Jey_Rey with Skype (both as normal user and as MySpaceIM user) or J_Rey with Meebo or just ask and I'll give you my e-mail for Windows Live (MSN) Messenger or even my normal e-mail if you prefer that.

Well, I've been using and somewhat actively following Puppy Linux since the very end of 2004. I decided to try it out when I was looking for a small distro to put on my USB flash drive. Since then I've been hooked. :-) I typically dual-boot Puppy Linux (and derivatives) and Windows. Back when I had a Windows 98 machine I created Pup4DOS to make it easy to dual-boot without needing a floppy/CD or modifying partitions, etc.

I can sometimes be found in our chatrooms chatting and giving assistance. On my free time, I contribute to and keep up with the wiki, each forum, the site, the old documentation pages (site no longer available), various other Puppy Linux web pages and help testing out Puppy Linux. Now as far as titles/resposibilities go, I'm just a volunteer like most of us, but I am a channel admin (Op) at our IRC ChatRoom, have admin access to our news site & this wiki (was admin with both previous CMS's, was a member of the former Puppy Linux Documentation Committee, was the primary administrator at our temporary unofficial Puppy Linux Discussion Forum till it went offline, and was elected to be the interim secretary of the Puppy Linux Foundation.

Outside of Puppy Linux and computers (AKA In Real Life), I'm currently a Technical Support Representative for a wireless Internet service provider. You can check out my Google Profile for more info & to find me on various social networks.

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