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[[LazyPuppy LazyPuppy]]
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Developped by a little number of developers the LazyPuppy family includes actually:

- [[LazyPuppy]] itself
- divers derivatives including all or a part of following developments being the essential stuff of actual or future LazyPuppy making them different from other Puppy's and innovative:

1) [[SfsPlus SFS P.L.U.S.]] (developer Rainer, forum pseudo [[RSH]])
2) [[VarioMenu Vario-Menu]] (developer Wolfgang, forum pseudo [[Schutzhund]] and [[SFR]])
3) [[RoxAppBuilder RoxApp Builder]] (developer Rainer, forum pseudo [[RSH]])
4) [[RSHsScriptBox RSHs ScriptBox]] (developer Rainer, forum pseudo [[RSH]])

- a great number of special SFS components and suites created especially for the versions of the initial [[LazyPuppy]] and being partially usable in different derivatives
- tools included in the ISO's to build more components and SFS's as well as develop for [[LazyPuppy]] and other Puppy's and derivatives of them.

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