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~The original Lucid Puppy series ran from Puppy 5.00 - 5.29. [[Pets Package]] compatibility across this range is good. **[[Playdayz]]** was the lead developer of Lucid.
~The "revitalized" Lucid series consists of and [[RErwin]] is the maintainer of Lucid, following [[Playdayz]]' retirement from it.

==Puppy 5- Lucid==
~-**[[Puppy528 Puppy Lucid -]]** Lucid Puppy + Ubuntu binaries + upgrades and kernels from later Puppies
~-**[[LupuLibre LupuLibre -]]** Lucid Puppy + Ubuntu binaries + upgrades and kernels from later Puppies + LibreOffice
~-**[[Puppy526 Puppy Lucid 5.2.8 - 5.2.9/3HD]]** Lucid Puppy + Ubuntu binaries
~-**[[LupuLibre LupuLibre 5.2.8]]** Lucid Puppy + Ubuntu binaries + LibreOffice
~-[[Puppy529 Puppy 5.2.9]] - experimental version with newer kernel than Lucid
~-[[Puppy526 Puppy 5.2.6]] - superseded Lucid
~-[[Puppy525Retro]] - older kernel and drivers from Puppy 4.3.1
~-[[Puppy525 Puppy 5.2.5]] - stable release Lucid (common version)
~-[[Puppy521 Puppy 5.2.1]] - superseded Lucid
~-[[Puppy52 Puppy 5.2]] - superseded Lucid
~-[[Puppy511 Puppy 5.1.1]] - superseded Lucid (common version)
~-[[Puppy51 Puppy 5.1]] - superseded Lucid
~-[[Puppy501 Puppy 5.0.1]] - superseded Lucid

==Lucid Derivatives==
~-[[Puppy528JP]] - Japanese language version
~-[[Polarpup]] includes IceWM, [[Qt]] and newer kernel (2.6.39-3)
~-LupQ - Lucid Puppy ""QuickSet"" edition

~-[[LupufySlacko]] Collection of utilities from Puppy 5.2x Lucid for Puppy 5.3 Slacko

==Some features==
- smokey01's [[PuppyHelp101 Puppy Help 101]] go to [[Puppymenu]] > 'Document' > Puppy Help 101
- i686 [[libc]] - Lucid should run just a bit quicker
- [[report-video-glx]] for diagnosing video issues
- [[ffconvert]] to convert between video formats
- more wallpapers and themes
- hardware detection and configuration routines improved

- [[ Additional and enhanced drivers]]

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[SlackoCompatibility| 'Upgrade' to Slacko?]]

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