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Lucid First Run process
OK here is my process for a new run from DVD of 525

First Preparing
1. backup html bookmarks (onto HD)
2. move any essential files to hard disk
3. download and burn ISO

Now first run
1. 'puppy pfix=ram', I do this on first boot but is not required for new users
2. Turn on firewall from icon bar bottom right, left clicking runs wizard
3. Do a save after initial set up, I now do max size 1.2GB saves (not 512MB)
4. Click on 'Setup' top row of icons for tweaking
5. Add browser. Use the 'connect' icon or go to Puppy news in Quickpet and try Iron or Tor browser
6. In Rox options/thumbnails/show images - I prefer to see images in folders
7. Add my own backgrounds from Hard Drive (usr/share/backgrounds)
8. Change icons, change from openbox to JWM, Adjust the style of the clock with Menu -> General Utilities -> PupClockset manager.
9. Put on pupblocker, import bookmarks
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