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==""Puppy5.2x Lucid Help""==

==Installation Help==
- [[LiveDVD Creating a bootable DVD/CD]]
- [[Puppy52LuciDualBoot Dual boot with Windows]]
- [[Puppy52LuciInstallLiveCD Install to a Live CD]]
- [[Puppy52LuciInstallFrugalUSB Install to a USB flash drive]]
- [[Puppy52LuciInstallFrugalHDD Frugal install to a hard drive]]
- [[ Full install to a hard drive]]

- [[LucidHelp HELP]] I need somebody
- [[ Lucid Help]] also available from Quickpet
- [[ Absolute beginners info]]
- [[ Getting Started with Puppy Linux]] with David "Pa" ""McClamrock""
- [[Lucid525FirstRun Lobster first run setup]]
- [[LucidTutorialAddSoftware Add Software]] Quickpet, [[LucidPuppySFS SFS]], Puppy Package Manager ([[ PPM]])
- [[LucidTutorialDevx]] Compiling and developing in Lucid
- [[ Change your desktop]] video
- [[ Using a directory of wallpaper images]] video
- [[Puppy52LuciInstallFrugalHDD Frugal Install to hard disk]]
- [[ How-To Videos & Articles]]

- [[Puppy52LuciTips General 5.2 Tips]]
- [[Puppy52LuciTipsLowMemory Low Memory]] Personal Storage file
- [[ Tweaks]] also available from Quickpet
- [[ Mtpaint mouse scroll zoom]] (video)
- Openbox cpu monitor = Desktop setting -> fbpanel config -> plugins -> General OK
- [[ Use Winkey on keyboard]]
- [[ Latest LibreOffice]] for your language
- [[ adding KDE interface]]
- [[ Converting media]] eg. ASF to AVI

==IRC - realtime chat support==
~Stick in a username and the captcha and start chatting with Puppy Users. Some are knowledgeable. There are different methods to for IRC
~-In the browser - [[ Puppy IRC from Web]]
~-[[Xchat]] - link on [[desktop]]
~-[[Pidgin]] - in the QuickPet app
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==Help Webpages==
~[[ Puppy Hacker School (for beginners)]] by [[Lobster]]
~[[ Lucid Help on diddywahdiddy]]
~[[ Help Pet]] by [[Smokey]]

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