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====SFS file on Lucid ====

[[ Lucid Puppy]] compatible and tested SFS files

SFS = **Squash File System**

Puppy Linux can utilize SFS files. Such files are used because it offers greater versatility than PET packages.
SFS files are intended for Puppy frugal installations or run from usb key drive, not full installations.

===New SFS Feature in Quickpet===
Quickpet now supports downloading and installing of Puppy SFS packages with one click.
For the development devx file, containing the Gnu gcc compiler there is a big button in the **Sfs Get** tab of Quickpet
Once you install puppy, any way you like, be it frugal, full, usb or even save back to CD/DVD the button will appear and you can directly download the puppy **devx**

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In the quickpet **Sfs Grab** tab there is also a swag of sfs packages awaiting your click. They include Skype, Vlc, Samba to name but a few.

There is also a Sfs Grabber utility available from the sfs menu in Quickpet where you copy and paste a link to an sfs in the entry box and it will be downloaded and installed automatically.

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===Alternate way of Using SFS files===
To access these packages, perform the following:
- Download a SFS package file and place it at ///mnt/home//.
- Follow the instructions at: //Menu > System > ""BootManager""//

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Click the //Choose which SFS to load at bootup// button.

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Select the SFS file from the left pane. Add it to the right pane. Click //OK//. Reboot and then the SFS package will be mounted automatically and ready for use.


[[ Edit-SFS 2.1 (squash file system editor)]]
[[ sfs_linker]] allows for mounting of SFS files on the fly without rebooting
Don't use pet maker plus, there has been a serious bug discovered.
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