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LupuLibre is a variant of Lucid Puppy, with final releases of each series of LibreOffice built in. LibreOffice is also included as SFS packages in the LupuPlus variants, for ease of upgrading to new LibreOffice releases.
For more information and downloads, see the Lucid Puppy Revitalized as - July, 2015 thread.

The original version of LupuLibre was Puppy Lucid 528.005 with LibreOffice 3.5.2 built in. See the Lucid thread if you want to add it to your current installation. For fresh install download and use appropriate install method.
For more information see Puppy 5.2.8 Lucid thread

lupulibre-, lupusuper2libre- and lupusuper4libre- - download from related links at Lucid Puppy Revitalized as - July, 2015

lupulibre-528-005 - lupulibre-528.005-1.iso download
Checksum: 9f1154bdeccdd49b7db66a1afb9fa902


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