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Are You a Microsoft Renegade?

Are you a frustrated user of Windows XP (or even Windows 98)? Do you want to work with a phenomenally fast Operating System? You may have heard about the alternative, often free, operating system, Linux, but are totally inexperienced in computer technology. Can you use Linux and especially Puppy Linux (Puppy Linux is phenomenally fast because it runs entirely in RAM on most PC's)? The answer is most probably:


You can find basic information in this wiki, on other Puppy Linux sites, and also at the Puppy Forum (great for all your specific questions not covered elsewhere) and, of course, in this section designed especially for users new to Linux and specifically Puppy Linux.

Please follow our procedures in 1, 2, 3, Etc. Points (written for the Puppy Linux stable version 1.0.8r1, but should still be usable for current Puppy versions):

Point 1: Preparation

Point 2: Prepare for the First Boot

Point 3: The First Boot (needs between 3 and 5 minutes)

Point 4: The basic Puppy Linux operating system is now running!

Point 5: What is where?
Points 6 & 7: Printer Installation & Internet?
Point 8: Other Keyboards
Point 9: Install OpenOffice 2.0
Point 10: Change the gear wheel icon and link a new program in the Start Menu
Point 11: Installing and using Wine
Point 12: List of useful Microsoft Windows' programs that work well using Wine
Point 13: For the school, education, and music fans, there's some great music programs
Point 14: Use DHCP in an existing Microsoft Windows Network for network and Internet sharing

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